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    Development Trend of Coatings Technology

    Echemi 2019-06-27


    With the world's great attention to environmental protection, people's increasing demand for quality of life and the continuous development of various high-tech industries, the performance requirements of resins and coatings are also increasing. At present, the development trend of coatings products is mainly towards environmental protection and health, high-quality general materials and diversification of functions.

    1. Environmental-friendly and healthy coatings

    1. Organic solvents added to traditional coatings are harmful to human beings and the environment, and environmental laws and regulations restrict volatile organic compounds (VOC) more and more strictly, and their application is increasingly restricted by online With the enhancement of people's awareness of sustainable development, the voice of developing energy saving and emission reduction, thermal insulation, low temperature or room temperature curing coatings is also increasing. Water-borne coatings have become the main force in the development of coatings, especially waterborne polyurethane coatings, because they contain almost no volatile organic compounds. They have attracted more and more attention due to their advantages of non-flammability, non-toxicity, non-pollutant, energy saving, easy storage, high hardness and wear resistance. However, the water-borne polyurethane coatings are dispersed in water, and the water resistance, chemical resistance and solvent resistance of the coatings need to be improved. Therefore, the water-borne polyurethane coatings need to be modified to overcome the shortcomings in practical application. At present, the main modification methods of waterborne polyurethane coatings are epoxy resin modified polyurethane, acrylate copolymerization modified polyurethane, silicone copolymerization modified polyurethane, nano-modified polyurethane, composite modified polyurethane, etc. Powder coatings have the characteristics of solvent-free, environmental pollution-free, high powder recovery and utilization rate, and have broad application prospects.

    2.High performance general purpose coatings

    Existing general purpose coatings must be endowed with unique high performance in order to meet people's needs. General coatings with high performance, including wear-resistant, heavy-duty anticorrosive, bio-proof, anti-fouling, weatherproof, fire-proof, high temperature resistant, anti-condensation and other general coatings. For example: anti-condensation coatings for long-distance high-voltage transmission lines; high-performance fire-retardant coatings for building materials and home decoration; long-term non-toxic antifouling coatings for shipbuilding industry with high corrosion resistance and longer service life; fuselage coatings for aerospace and aerospace industry with high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, cold and heat abrupt change resistance; high temperature insulation used in electronic industry Edge coating.

     3. Multifunctional and intelligent coatings

    Multifunctional and intelligent coatings include self-cleaning, anti-fouling, fire protection, absorbing wave, stealth, temperature control, drag reduction, intelligent coatings (photothermal conversion, self-repair, temperature sensitivity, photosensitive, gas-sensitive, photoelectric switch) and so on. For example: photocatalytic bactericidal and decontamination coatings, negative ion coatings for removing odor and improving human immunity; humidity-regulating coatings for adjusting indoor humidity to give people a comfortable environment; Heat-Insulating Coatings for eliminating heat island effect; health-care coatings for killing bacteria and viruses; anti-graffiti or non-staining coatings; chemical, gas, biological, light and temperature-sensitive properties, which can be used for rapid detection and early warning. Sensitive intelligent coatings; electroluminescent or photoluminescent properties, used for signal lights, vehicle cab dashboards, Airport runway, camouflage road signs and other parts of the coating.

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