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    Market strategy needs to be changed under the demand of architectural coatings

    Echemi 2019-11-18


    The main components of coating are membrane, pigment, filler, solvent and various additives. The coating can be applied on the surface of the object with different construction processes to form a solid film with a certain strength and continuity. The film thus formed is generally called coating film, also called coating film or coating coating online Architectural coating is an important category of coating. Interior wall coating and exterior wall coating belong to architectural coating. At present, the development of architectural coatings needs to change the market strategy to seek growth. Paint manufacturers can improve the quality of architectural coatings in China from several aspects: first, improve the performance of architectural coatings; second, increase the function of architectural coatings; third, the artistic decoration of coatings; fourth, reduce VOC emissions most importantly. If paint manufacturers can achieve the above points, we believe that in the near future, China's coatings will soon catch up with foreign coatings. As we all know, coating is an important branch of building materials.

    According to the research, the interior wall coating decoration effect occupies 80% of the weight in the overall decoration effect of the room. Take a family as an example. If the living room covers an area of 70 square meters, according to the industry standard, the coating coverage rate should reach 8.6 mm, and the number of decorative coatings is about 17.67 liters. It is not difficult to see that the construction of security houses will promote the interior wall coating market in China to a large extent. In addition, with the continuous increase of the national construction of indemnificatory housing, more and more residents will have their own houses in the future, and the market of household building materials will be greatly promoted, showing a prosperous scene. In order to beautify the environment and protect the environment, the government will issue various laws and policies to regulate the development of exterior wall coatings.

    All in all, as an important part of architectural coating - exterior wall coating, the construction of indemnificatory housing will stimulate the demand of exterior wall coating. In addition, although energy conservation and emission reduction at this stage will increase the production cost and increase the economic burden of enterprises, it is not optimistic for the economic benefits of enterprises in the short term, but in the long term, energy conservation and emission reduction provide an important guarantee for the healthy development of enterprises in the future. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have a deeper pursuit for the quality of life, and put forward higher requirements for the indoor paint and the outdoor air. The green and low-carbon cattle work has already become the inevitable trend of the development of the world. Now all the production enterprises have to do is to comply with the social development. Although it is difficult at first, it has laid a solid foundation for the healthy development of coating enterprises in the future.

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