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    Total number of national PPP projects in the first three quarters

    Echemi 2019-12-06


    The reporter learned from the second development PPP forum held in Beijing a few days ago that under the background of vigorously promoting the construction of new urbanization in China, the development PPP has broad application space and development prospects. According to incomplete statistics, in the project management database of PPP comprehensive information platform of the Ministry of finance, nearly 400 development PPPs and similar projects have been implemented, ranking fourth in the total amount of various PPP projects, with an investment amount of more than 1.4 trillion yuan, accounting for 15% of the total investment of PPP projects; the projects are mainly concentrated in the fields of industrial new town, industrial park and urban comprehensive development. In recent years, PPP (cooperation between government and social capital) mode and project construction ushered in rapid development in the new round of promotion of infrastructure and public services in China. The data shows that by the end of the third quarter of 2019, the total number of PPP integrated information platform project management base projects is 9249, the investment amount is 14.1 trillion yuan, the total number of landing projects is 6039, the investment amount is 9.2 trillion yuan, the landing rate is 65.3%, the total number of projects started is 3559, the investment amount is 5.3 trillion yuan, and the starting rate is 58.9%.

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