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    Wang Shuangming: coal can become a kind of green and low-carbon energy

    Echemi 2019-12-06


    On December 1, 2019, the 9th energy high level dialogue was held in Boao, Hainan. The theme of the forum is "green engine promotes high-quality development". The guests gathered to discuss the change of production mode, the practice of green concept, the improvement of their own level and the realization of high-quality development. Wang Shuangming, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Shaanxi Coal Association, attended the forum and delivered a speech. He said that China's coal utilization and ultra-low emissions have made great progress in recent years. As the main energy source in China, coal utilization has made great progress in recent years, especially in the low-cost ultra-low emission technology of coal-fired power plants, said Wang Shuangming. The emission standard limits of key areas of coal-fired boilers stipulated by the state are respectively no higher than 20, 50 and 100 mg / m3 of smoke, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, and the ultra-low emission standard is 10, 35 and 50, which are reliable, economic and clean. In terms of coal replacing oil, China has realized large-scale production of coal to liquid fuel. Coal to liquid products have the characteristics of high oil quality and wide application field. Oil has the characteristics of high specific heat capacity, high thermal stability, nitrogen, sulfur, ash, dust and so on.

    The most important thing is that it can meet the performance requirements of fuel in the field of aerospace. In July 2015, the first test flight of coal-based jet fuel was a complete success, marking that China has entered the world's leading level in the field of coal-based jet fuel research. Shenhuaning coal indirect liquefaction project is of great significance to enhance the guarantee capacity of energy independent energy and promote clean and efficient utilization of coal. According to Wang Shuangming, Western China is rich in oil-rich coal resources and has great potential to replace oil. In recent years, pyrolysis technology has developed rapidly. The biggest feature of oil-rich coal pyrolysis is that it has transformed relatively rich coal resources into semi coke which is currently relatively short of oil, gas and can replace rare coal coking coal, with huge market potential. Wang Shuangming introduced that more than 40 academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering have completed the Research Report on the strategy of promoting energy production and consumption revolution after more than three years' research. The report proposed that China's strategy of promoting energy production and consumption revolution should be divided into three steps. The first step is to achieve the optimization of energy structure by 2020, with coal consumption still accounting for more than 60%; 2021-2030 is the period of energy transformation in China, with coal consumption still accounting for about 50% by 2030; 2031-2050 is the finalization period of energy revolution, with coal consumption still accounting for more than 40% by 2050.

    "The ultra-low emission technology of coal has been mature, and has been widely used, with good results. Coal instead of oil has also achieved large-scale production. It can be said that coal has now achieved clean utilization. If combined with carbon dioxide capture and storage technology, coal can become a green and low-carbon energy source. " Wang Shuangming said. Wang Shuangming said that based on the fact that coal will remain the main energy in China for a long time, it is necessary to promote the energy ecological revolution and green development of coal. According to him, China's coal distribution is characterized by more in the West and less in the East. The east of the Daxinganling Taihang mountain line is the region with the largest coal consumption intensity in China, and also the region with very active economy. Xinjiang is rich in coal resources, but it is far away from the eastern consumer land. We should study how to use the coal resources in Xinjiang. At the same time, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and autonomous regions are also rich in coal reserves, but at present, China's coal demand is about 4 billion tons a year, mainly relying on the Ordos Basin and Shanxi output. However, the ecological environment of Ordos Basin is relatively fragile, and a series of problems such as ground cracking, collapse and collapse caused by large-scale coal mining should be studied.

    According to him, how to achieve the coordinated development of coal development and ecological environment protection is a major technical problem that must be solved in western coal mining, and green mining is still a major technical demand for the high-quality development of western coal industry. He said that in the ecologically fragile areas, the surface ecosystem and groundwater level are highly dependent on each other, so the groundwater level should be well protected to avoid too much impact on the surface ecology in the process of coal mining, which is the core of geological environment protection in mining areas. In the process of coal mining, the change of mining water resistance is the root of ecological environment damage. If the thickness of water resisting rock is greater than the height of mining damage, the water resisting layer can be protected. From the aspect of realizing green mining in the west, Wang Shuangming put forward five concepts, that is, to realize safe and efficient mining of coal in the west, based on the study of the spatial combination characteristics of coal water, to reveal the change law of mining geological conditions, to support the geological engineering of reducing damage, to prevent the damage of water barrier rock group, and to protect the ecological water level Coordinated development with ecological protection. Wang Shuangming concluded: "developing the coal industry in the west is a major demand to ensure the national energy security. To realize the coordinated development of coal mining and ecological environment protection is a major technical problem that must be solved for the high-quality development of the coal industry in the West."

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