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Echemi Foreign Trade Forum & 2nd Top 10 Suppliers Awards Completed Successfully

Echemi 2018-01-29

On January 26, 2018, the Echemi Foreign Trade Forum and 2nd Top 10 Suppliers Awards had its brand opening in Qingdao. Echemi Foreign Trade Forum is geared to the needs of Chinese suppliers by sharing the foreign trade marketing experience in chemicals, creating the hot products, foreign trade services, on-site simulation, etc. The 2nd Top 10 Suppliers Selecting Activity was hosted by Echemi and co-organized by PDCMA. Qingdao SME Service Center and Qingdao Shinan District Bureau of Commerce supported the activity. Finally, 10 suppliers got the Top 10 Awards.    Echemi外贸商学院&第二届十佳供应商颁奖盛典开启

Echemi Foreign Trade Forum & 2nd Echemi Top 10 Suppliers Awards Opened

Echemi created a professional forum for the chemical industry, and chose the advanced enterprises with high brand influence and impetus. The 2nd Echemi Top 10 Suppliers Selecting Activity promotes the foreign trade development in chemical industry and clearly put forward the globalization, informatization and industrialization trends. Chinese suppliers and Echemi seize the opportunity in the B2B revolution. After the preliminary audit, online voting and expert evaluation, finally came out the top 10 suppliers.   


Top 10 Suppliers with Kevin Yu (Co-Founder of Echemi, left 1)


 Top 10 Suppliers with Kevin Yu 

 2nd Top 10 Suppliers List (in random order)

Henan ZT League Chemical

Dongying HaiRuiBao New Materials

Sichuan Shenhong Chemical Industry

Dongming Changshengyuan Technology

Shandong Tongtaiweirun Food Science Tech

Dongguan CHNV Technology

Taizhou Ruibai Chemical

Jiangsu Kolod Food Ingredients

Puyang Yintai New Building Materials

Shandong Qinye Chemical

Echemi Quality Partners (in random order)

Qingdao Keyuan Marine Biochemistry

Tianjin Xinze Fine Chemical


Quality Partners with Kevin Yu 

The 1st Top 10 Suppliers Selecting Activity had become the wind vane in the Chinese chemical market. Global suppliers and buyers approved Echemi’s activity. Award winners also got more business opportunities. The 2nd Top 10 Suppliers Selecting Activity adopted the online, print media and activity. Moreover, Pakistani partners participated in the selection.   

Echemi also opened the Foreign Trade Forum, discussing the development trend in the foreign trade market.


Marketing in Chemical Foreign Trade - Bree Wang (VP of Echemi) 


Echemi Hot Products Introduction - Yolanda An (Senior Sales Executive)


2018 Echemi Quality Suppliers - Helen Zhang ( Director of Operations )


Foreign Trade Operation Discuss

Kevin Yu (co-founder of Echemi), Chen Xin(Sales Director of Tianjin Xinze), Zhang Xuemei (Sales Director of Henan ZT League), Li Chunhua (Director of foreign trade of Dongying HaiRuiBao), Yan Yusheng (Sales Director of Jiangsu Kolod) and Gao Yong (Executive Marketing Director of Haier Cash) reviewed the 2017 together and will create a better 2018.     


On-Site Simulation

Echemi Foreign Trade Forum brought out on-site exhibition simulation. Four experienced representatives carried out the on-site simulation on European, Russian, Latin American and Pakistani markets, sharing the experience to get more customers.     Echemi Top 10 Suppliers Selecting Activity has great influence in the chemical market. Echemi holds strict concept and promotes the healthy development and continuous industrial consolidation, building the bridge between Chinese suppliers and global users.

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