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    The economic performance of the rubber industry has improved in May

    Echemi 2020-07-31

    Recently, "China Rubber" magazine learned at the 2020 Secretary-General's Work Conference held by the China Rubber Industry Association that the new crown pneumonia epidemic has a greater impact on China's rubber industry. According to the association's statistics, the cumulative economic operation of the industry in the first 5 months except for the latex industry The data are showing a downward trend.

    But at the same time, the secretary-general of most industry branches stated that in the second quarter, especially since May, due to the improvement in the production and sales of automobiles and other industries, the economic operating environment of most rubber sub-sectors has improved, and the month-on-month data has a positive trend, indicating that the domestic market has recovered better. However, due to the normalization of the development of the epidemic and the continued spread of overseas epidemics, the export of rubber products and the industrial supply chain are still facing tremendous pressure, and the development of the industry still faces many difficulties and uncertainties in the second half of the year.

      According to the China Rubber Association, from January to May, the rubber industry's current-price industrial output value and sales revenue decline showed a narrowing trend. Statistics of 354 key member companies in the tires, tires, rubber hose tapes, rubber products, rubber shoes, latex, carbon black, comprehensive utilization of waste rubber, rubber machinery molds, rubber additives, and skeleton materials industries achieved total industrial output value at current prices (the same below) Decrease by 15.76%, a decrease of 15.84%; sales revenue decreased by 16.32%, a decrease of 15.86%; realized profits and taxes decreased by 21.67%; realized profits decreased by 25.89%; sales revenue margin was 5.20%, a decrease of 0.75%; 63 loss-making enterprises appeared, The number of loss-making enterprises increased by 36.96%, and the amount of losses increased by 123.42%; the inventory of finished products increased by 6.10%.

       In the first five months, the production and operation of the latex industry thrived. Among the subdivisions of the China Rubber Association statistics, only the latex specialty achieved positive growth in current industrial output value and sales revenue.

       From January to May, the decline in the export delivery value of the statistical industry of China Rubber Association continued to expand, down 17.98%, a decrease of 19.26 percentage points; the export rate (value) was 32.16%, a decrease of 0.65 percentage points. Among the subdivisions of the statistics, the export delivery value of the three majors of hose tape, latex, and rubber machinery molds has achieved positive growth.

    According to Shi Yifeng, secretary-general of the Tire Branch, since May, although tire exports are still experiencing difficulties, the domestic demand and maintenance and replacement markets have improved significantly, especially in the truck and bus and engineering vehicle tire supporting markets, and domestic infrastructure construction has started to increase, logistics and transportation With gradual recovery, tire companies adjusted their product lines to the domestic market in time.

    Shi Yifeng believes that the current problem in the tire industry is that the epidemic has caused a sharp decline in market demand, and the contradiction of structural overcapacity has become more prominent; tire exports are highly dependent, and the epidemic has a long-term impact, and the impact on domestic passenger car tire companies is even more serious. Reduced demand, reduced production capacity utilization, reduced product prices, and high inventories make it difficult for companies to sustain too long due to financial constraints; trade frictions have intensified and have developed into countries and regions where domestic companies are "going global"; imported natural rubber has high tariffs and is environmentally friendly Policy issues such as one-size-fits-all governance are not conducive to fair competition and scientific development of the industry, and policy support is urgently in place as soon as possible.

    According to Chen Zhihai, Secretary-General of the Rickshaw Tire Branch, entering May, the domestic epidemic has basically been effectively controlled, and social and economic activities and people’s daily life have gradually returned to normal. Rickshaw tire products (including bicycle tires and motorcycle tires) are closely related to production activities and daily life. And electric vehicle tires), the market demand is gradually returning to normal, and it is expected to maintain a positive development trend in the second half of the year. However, it is estimated that it will take some time for the production of foreign trade enterprises to return to normal levels.

    Li Hong, secretary-general of the pipe and belt branch, said that from the statistical data of key enterprises in May, the total industrial output value, industrial sales output value, product sales revenue, profit and total profit and tax of the hose tape industry are still in a downward trend, but the decline is lower than that of January to April. narrow. At present, the production and operation of the hose and tape industry has basically returned to normal, but the profitability of the company has not yet returned to its original level.

    Song Yan, secretary general of the Rubber Products Branch, said that compared with the previous four months, the growth rate of rubber products export delivery value in May showed a continuous downward trend, down 3.54 percentage points from the previous month, but the total industrial output value, sales revenue and total profit all appeared month-on-month. Signs of recovery, the growth rate increased by 2.76, 1.71 and 8.73 percentage points respectively.

    According to analysis by Wang Gang, deputy secretary general of the Rubber Shoes Branch, from the statistical data in May, as the domestic epidemic gradually eased, the company gradually resumed normal production, but there are still 2/3 member companies whose production capacity has not reached the level of the same period of the previous year; and the foreign epidemic is still serious , Foreign trade enterprises have been more affected.

    In the first 5 months, the economic operation data of the latex industry was the most "beautiful" in the rubber sub-industry. This is mainly medical and protective gloves, which are important anti-epidemic materials. Medical latex product manufacturers have also benefited from this epidemic. It has been shown to the greatest extent that its operating data has pushed up the industry average data and also covered up the actual situation of most difficult enterprises. According to Tu Yanling, secretary general of the Latex Branch, in addition to medical latex products companies, other latex products companies have also encountered unprecedented difficulties, such as condoms, household gloves, industrial gloves and other companies.

    In addition, Tu Yanling also said that latex products in Malaysia and other countries are currently expanding the domestic market. Among them, the import price of vulcanized rubber surgical gloves from January to March dropped by 7.58%, and the import volume increased by 47.20%, indicating that foreign latex products companies are The advantages of production capacity seize the domestic market, and the pressure of domestic SMEs to survive has increased.

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