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    Market Analysis - Monthly Report - August, 2020 - Florfenicol

    Echemi 2020-09-14

    Overview of the Current Market Situation

    In August 2020, the price of florfenicol was hovering at a low level. Some factories raised production and overhaul, and the supply was tight. The details are as follows:

    ① On the market side, in August, the price of florfenicol was hovering at a low level, and major terminals and departmental distributors signed goods at low prices to reserve inventory.

    ② On the supply side, in August, Zhejiang Kangmu Pharmaceutical stopped production for maintenance, and it is expected that production and shipment will resume in mid-September. There is a lack of Kangmu supply in the market. Hansyn has relatively sufficient supply and is the mainstream supplier in August. Delivery of Anhui Liberty is also scheduled for September.




    Price Offer and Factory Operation








    1100 MT

    Kangmu's API has good quality, large market share and high acceptance. They are mainstream manufacturers of florfenicol. The factory basically does not directly conduct foreign trade, and most of them are through traders.



    1500 MT


    LIBERTY’s API, the main market is in South America, other markets will supply according to the actual output of the factory

    Jiangsu Hansyn Pharmaceutical Co.,LTDPharmaceutical


    1000 MT

    Hansyn's API has very good quality, but the general price is higher than other similar products.




     Market Forecast




    In August, factory stocks were tight and spot delivery was difficult

    Market Demand

    Market demand is slowly picking up, and it's improving compared to July


    Factory Mentality

    In August, the factory side signed large orders one after another, and the supply was tight. The suspension of production and maintenance in some factories aggravated the tight supply.

    Upstream Raw Materials

    D-P-METHYL SULFONE PHENYL ETHYL SERINATE (CAS:36983-12-7) esterhas a stable price

    In summary, it is expected that in September 2020, florfenicol will still maintain a tight supply situation in the first half of the month. Due to the rapid appreciation of the RMB exchange rate, the price of US dollars will continue to rise, and the transaction price is expected to be 52USD/KG-52.5USD/KG . With the resumption of production of Kangmu Pharmaceutical in the second half of the month, market tensions are expected to ease.


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