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    Tang Renshen and Jiangnan University will make "double protein meat"

    Echemi 2020-09-14

    How to eat good meat for both health and good taste?

    Is it better to eat meat or vegetarian? Is there a more scientific third choice?

    Tang people will make "double protein meat", do you want to try it?

    The raging global novel coronavirus epidemic has brought people's attention to health to a new height. Some people advocate eating less meat and more vegetarian food, and what's more, they simply become thorough vegetarians. Since then, some people began to use Western technology to make "artificial meat." However, recently, Dr. Wenhong Zhang, the director of the Department of Internal Medicine of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University and the leader of the Shanghai New Coronary Pneumonia Medical Treatment Expert Group, said in the article "Rough tea and light rice deceived the Chinese elderly": "Chinese people are habitually frugal and vegetarian. According to the propaganda of the activists, meat intake is not up to health standards, and malnutrition leads to a decrease in immunity, which further triggers various underlying diseases. This situation is very common in China.” In addition, Engels wrote in Dialectics of Nature. Dao: The influence of meat food on the brain, the brain has received much more nutrition and the necessary materials for development than in the past. Therefore, it can develop more and more quickly from generation to generation. It can be seen that meat food is an essential source of nutrients for the healthy development of human beings.

    China is a big meat country, and pork consumption in particular accounts for 60% of the world's consumption. Thousands of years of meat eating habits and increasing meat consumption have not only strengthened the national body, but also improved civilization and promoted social progress. However, the per capita consumption of meat still has a certain gap with developed countries, and the consumption potential is huge. In order to satisfy the consumers' needs for satisfying their taste and health, Tangrenshen Group decided to enter the field of "artificial meat" to provide consumers with balanced and delicious "double protein meat".

    On the afternoon of September 11, the inauguration and strategic cooperation ceremony of "Tangrenshen-Jiangnan University Innovative Food Joint Research Institute" was grandly held at the State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology of Jiangnan University. Tao Yishan, founder and chairman of Tangrenshen Group, Academician Chen Wei, President of Jiangnan University, Academician Chen Jian, former President of Jiangnan University, and Professor Jin Zhengyu, Director of the State Key Food Laboratory of Jiangnan University, jointly unveiled the institute. The Joint Research Institute will focus on the strategy of big food and big health, with "double protein meat" as the main attack direction, that is, the combination of plant protein and animal protein. Compared with Western artificial meat, the "double protein meat" created by Tangrenshen Group will have more "color, fragrance, taste, shape and meaning", more "balanced nutrition, deliciousness", and more in line with the psychology of Chinese consumers And habits will provide consumers with a more nutritious and healthier third choice.

    Jiangnan University, as a first-class key university in the country, ranked first in the world for food science and engineering in the "ranking of world-class disciplines of Shanghai Science and Technology" released in 2019. It has made major breakthroughs in key technologies such as vegetable protein fibrosis, vegetable protein gelation processing, and commercialization of artificial meat, and has won a number of national invention and scientific and technological progress awards.

    Tangrenshen Group is the initiator of the National Meat Processing Industry Technology Innovation Alliance. It has a nationally recognized enterprise technology center, academician workstation, national pork processing technology research and development center, meat processing engineering technology center, third-party testing platform, etc., the group and its subordinates The subsidiary won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award twice. In 2019, the “Key Technologies and Industrialization of Modern Processing of Traditional Featured Meat Products” project participated by Tang Renshen won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and it also overcomes the key common "stuck neck" technical problems affecting the development of China's traditional cured meat products industry. , Boosted the rapid development of the industry.

    In the past two years, the topic of artificial meat has continuously aroused heated discussions. In the modern consumer market, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life and experience, and they will favor environmentally friendly, low-carbon, light food, healthy, fast, and delicate lifestyles. These factors will help the rapid development of the artificial meat market and promote new diets. The rise of the way. According to relevant research institutions, the global plant-based artificial meat market in 2019 is about 12.1 billion U.S. dollars, and it is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of about 15%, and it may reach 27.9 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

    Tang Renshen Group and Jiangnan University rely on their own nationally recognized enterprise technology centers and state-level key laboratories of multiple academicians and expert teams and scientific research technologies, strong alliances and resource integration, and push the school-enterprise industry-university-research cooperation to a higher level Level and level, leading the new peak of technological innovation and development of meat products industry.

    In addition, the establishment of this research institute is also conducting groundbreaking research on the efficient screening and cultivation of beneficial microorganisms, new fermentation engineering technologies, and new processes, providing a powerful force for the iterative upgrade of "pig yogurt-mouth milk" for weaned piglets. Technical support, effectively solve the long-standing problems of abdominal stagnation and death of piglets, comprehensively improve the feed conversion rate and breeding efficiency, promote the overall level of my country's biological feed products and industry, and solve the long-standing problem of human and animal competition for food in my country.

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