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    Urea is difficult to soar, what about other raw materials?

    Echemi 2021-01-11

    Recently, due to the removal of environmental protection warnings in some areas, the supply of urea has gradually increased. However, the impact of the epidemic has continued to expand. The overall price increase of urea companies has been hindered. The price of urea in Shandong, Lianghe and other places has temporarily stabilized. There is a possibility of upward adjustment. It is nothing more than because downstream compound fertilizer companies will purchase urea in advance to ensure normal production during the Spring Festival, and the repeated situation of the epidemic in the later period is uncertain, transportation and other aspects will be blocked, compound fertilizer companies are likely to cause raw materials Urea is out of stock, so it should not be a bad thing to reserve in advance.


    Urea is difficult to rise, so what about other raw materials?


    At present, it is difficult for monoammonium to fall in the short term. The low-end acceptance of 55% powdered ammonium in Hubei is around 1950 yuan (ton price, the same below). Some large factories still maintain the high ex-factory price of 2100 yuan. The factory's quotation was lowered by 50 yuan to 2,000 yuan. The quotations of high-content monoammonium such as 58% powdered ammonium and 60% powdered ammonium have not changed much. Companies are still implementing pre-orders. Although new orders are not busy, the pressure is not large for the time being. It has been heard that individual large traders have recently purchased tens of thousands of tons of monoammonium in Hubei. Although compound fertilizer companies have not done much for the time being, with the approach of the Spring Festival and the recurrence of epidemics in various places, some large compound fertilizer plants should open new plants to protect spring farming. Purchasing plans, followed by other small and medium-sized enterprises will also appropriately inventory according to their own circumstances, does not rule out the trend of stable medium and small increase in monoammonium.


    Potash fertilizer prices should be difficult to rise and fall. After Salt Lake introduces new prices, the arrival price issued by major agents in various regions will be determined according to the customer's situation. Generally, it is similar to the arrival price of Salt Lake Company, and 60% of the crystal is accepted. Station 2050 yuan, recent sales are not satisfactory, transactions are not many, most port traders lack confidence, slightly pessimistic about the market outlook, the overall situation is not bad or good, it is expected that the price of potassium chloride will remain stable for a while. Time, it may even last until the Spring Festival holiday. After the Spring Festival, it is necessary to pay attention to the progress of large contract negotiations. In the short term, compound fertilizer companies will not do more stockpiles and maintain their own appropriate inventory. The price of potassium sulfate should also be stabilized. In the short term, compound fertilizer companies will not pay too much attention to it, and focus on demand.


    Although the raw material nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium market is very important for compound fertilizers, it is still necessary to consider the market situation and its own production and sales. After the New Year’s Day holiday, the domestic compound fertilizer market is relatively stable, and the winter storage market is still stalemate. Compound fertilizer in most areas Demand is in the traditional off-season. Most compound fertilizer companies in Shandong, Lianghe and other places are implementing pre-orders, and some of them may be around February. New orders are lightly traded, the overall operating rate is acceptable, and factors such as gas restrictions and environmental protection have little effect. Although the attention to raw materials is high, the short-term procurement plan has slowed down. However, there are also reports in the industry that although compound fertilizer plants in Northeast and other places do not recognize the demand for raw materials, in fact, in order to prevent many factors from affecting production after the year, the raw material procurement action is Yes, as the Spring Festival approaches, the purchasing intention of compound fertilizers for raw materials should increase.


    In summary, in the short term, demand will slow down, but in the long run, it is possible that compound fertilizer companies will gradually increase their purchases of raw materials.

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