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    BASF plans to launch 4 cosmetic peptides this year

    Echemi 2021-01-27

    BASF announced on its official website that it has signed a global exclusive supply agreement with Caregen for four cosmetic peptides. With the expansion of its product portfolio, BASF plans to launch four peptides with anti-aging and anti-pigmentation functions for skin prone to atopic dermatitis and acne in 2021.


    "By using cosmetics formulated with these peptides as active ingredients, consumers can choose products with proven efficacy," said Jeff Huh, BASF's head of personal care solutions marketing in Asia Pacific.


    Peptides are widely used as biologically active substances in different markets. Selecting the most promising peptides from Caregen’s vast product portfolio and adapting them to the standards of the cosmetics industry is a great achievement for our team. "Said David Hérault, head of global bioactive product development for BASF Care Chemicals.


    Dr. Chung Yong-Ji, CEO of Caregen, said: “Based on Caregen’s high-tech and commercially competitive functional peptides, as well as BASF’s expertise in solutions and ingredients in the global cosmetics market, this agreement enables the two companies to Good conditions for long-term cooperation have been established."


    Caregen's highly effective synthetic peptides will become a complementary technology to the bioactive agents and other cosmetic solutions and ingredients provided by BASF's personal care product portfolio.

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