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    French company develops plant-based isododecane

    Echemi 2021-01-26

    French biotechnology company Global Bioenergies recently announced that it has successfully delivered the first batch of cosmetic-grade botanical isododecane. Up to now, isododecane, which is a key ingredient in many cosmetic formulations (especially long-lasting cosmetics), can only be obtained from petrochemical products. This achievement of Global Bioenergies is an important step in creating increasingly green products based on new consumer expectations.


    Isododecane is a key ingredient in the cosmetics market and is used as an emollient and solvent in many skin care and hair care products. It is also the main ingredient in long-lasting makeup products such as waterproof mascara and long-lasting liquid lipstick, which can provide long-lasting performance, non-transfer and waterproof effects, while maintaining the best comfort. According to statistics from Global Bioenergies, isododecane accounts for up to 50% of these types of preparations.


    Thanks to this technological breakthrough, the entire durable cosmetics market may get rid of oil resources. In order to produce this renewable isododecane, Global Bioenergies relies on its proprietary innovative technology to convert plant resources (sugar and starch residues, agricultural and forestry waste) into isobutylene, one of the main petroleum derivatives. After following a few steps of specific "natural" standards for the cosmetics market, isobutylene is converted to isododecane.


    "This important step can make long-lasting cosmetics 90%'natural', but there will be no compromise in performance." said Marc Delcourt, co-founder and CEO of Global Bioenergies.


    In order to reflect the value of this innovation, Global Bioenergies plans to create its own beauty brand. To this end, the company has set up a special committee, which gathers experts in various professional fields required for the development of new projects in the cosmetics field. This committee was inspired by former Coty and Dior executive Romain Desfresnes.


    "We take performance as the core of the product, and successfully combine the super-sensory texture and color intensity with the high natural rate (between 90% and 99%) to create a 2.0 makeup product with high durability. Non-transfer and comfortable performance, in line with the best market standards." Former Coty and Dior executives Romain Desfresnes emphasized, "Consumers are more eco-conscious when buying goods, and our unique'from biotechnology to beauty' approach To enable us to respond to consumers."

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