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    In 2021, what are the emerging trends of the immune diet?

    Echemi 2021-02-01

    The COVID-19 epidemic is still the primary factor considered globally. Shoppers will continue to enjoy more food at home and look for products that easily meet their health and wellness goals. The abnormal situation in 2020 has accelerated the growth of many emerging trends. In 2021, increasing immunity, convenience and sustainability will attract more and more consumers' attention and favor.


    The market research institution SPINS analyzed the focus of consumers' daily immune health concerns based on traditional food, medicine, public, natural and regional food channels.


    Maintainable diet


    Lack of regular exercise, increased stress levels and more opportunities to eat snacks have caused many people to gain weight or feel poor health, which has become a prominent problem of a sedentary lifestyle.


    When shoppers look forward to regaining their former self and looking for a new diet plan, a maintainable diet featuring complete, minimally processed foods becomes the focus. Since shoppers will use the ingredients in a variety of popular diets to construct a strategy that suits them best, people will also seek products that reduce sugar, carbohydrates and additives.


    In the original diet, consumers are more inclined to choose fewer additives, less sugar, and reduce certain foods that easily induce inflammation, such as cereals, beans and dairy products. Products that meet the ketogenic standard mean that shoppers choose low-sugar/no-sugar and fewer carbohydrates.



    Snacks edible scene insight


    1. Dining at home


    Even if the Covid-19 restrictions are removed, the trend of cooking at home is expected to continue. However, shoppers may feel tired when preparing many meals at home. This provides an excellent window of opportunity for food and beverage packages that help reduce the amount of work required to prepare restaurant-quality meals for consumers and their families, and create more convenience for maintaining lifestyle diets select.


    2. Natural, distinctive and healthy snack trends


    Consumers seek snacks that can satisfy their lifestyles, and solid snacks with natural, distinctive and healthy products continue to grow. Driven by holidays and changes in cool snacking habits, this type of snack has the highest growth rate in the past 12 weeks.


    3. The strengthening trend of snacks: adding functional ingredients


    Shoppers hope to get health benefits from every food. The shift to healthier fats such as coconut oil and MCTs is also a direct result of the trend toward ketogenic and clean eating, while probiotics and ginger indicate that shoppers are paying attention to digestive health.


    Dairy snacks insight


    Natural and specialty/functional foods are driving the growth of the dairy snack subcategory. Dairy cheese is very popular in low-carbon water foods, and it is constantly being introduced. And it occupies an important position in shelf-stable snacks and protein-based refrigerated snack sets. Among plant-based yogurt products, consumers have begun to turn to low-sugar formulas based on whole foods and nutritional packaging to adapt to a healthy diet plan.


    Replacement of food by-product utilization


    In the continuous search to achieve as much sustainability and environmental friendliness as possible, consumers are looking to use parts of food that would otherwise be discarded as food. The Upgrading Food Association is gradually receiving attention. Upgrading food ingredients is not just those ugly fruits, but also a new category with a high degree of innovation and diffusion. The reuse of these by-products will appear in various forms in food & beverages, body care and pet food.

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