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    c "King Explosion" started, the price soared 400 yuan/ton!

    Echemi 2021-02-22

    Diammonium prices take off!

    Soaring 400 yuan/ton!


    After the holiday, the domestic market price of diammonium "opened higher and moved higher", and the situation was gratifying. During the Spring Festival, due to limited transportation in various places, the market arrivals were relatively small, and prices rose again after the festival.


    64% of the mainstream diammonium in Hubei’s main production area rose to more than 3,000 yuan/ton. Because most companies have saturated orders, the spot supply is tight, the order space is small, and the high-end price transactions are limited. The implementation of pre-orders is the main thing;


    Yunnan-Guizhou enterprises have large export orders, high raw material costs and transportation costs, and low-end prices have been delisted. The quotations have increased by more than 200 yuan/ton from before the holiday. The prices in the Northeast and North China markets have also increased all the way. It is reported that the arrival prices in North China The one-day increase reached 400 yuan/ton, a record high. This round of increase was led by leading companies, and the price of high-end high-end stations in the Northeast market reached about 3400 yuan/ton.


    The price of diammonium phosphate in Southwestern large enterprises increased by 400 yuan/ton, the price of 64% diammonium in North China was 3290-3300 yuan/ton, and the price of Heilongjiang was 3390-3400 yuan/ton.


    In addition, after the Spring Festival holiday, China's export price of diammonium phosphate rose to US$515-520/ton FOB, and the market outlook is still expected to rise. At present, the export price of diammonium phosphate by some companies is 550 US dollars/ton FOB. Recently, there have been transactions of 540 US dollars/ton. The export market continues to rise, driving the domestic price of diammonium phosphate to take off.

    Why did the price of diammonium soar!


    1. The epidemic affects enterprises' under-employment and shortage of raw materials!


    2. Food prices continue to rise. With the start of agricultural demand, a large amount of diammonium will be purchased.


    3. Sulfur has risen from 600 yuan/ton last year to about 1,450 yuan/ton now, and production costs have increased. At the beginning of 2021, the international phosphate market has seen a sharp rise, with the market price rising by up to US$50/ton. Mainly due to the tight supply of the phosphate market, most of the global output flows in the first quarter. Low inventories in India and Pakistan and counter-seasonal purchases in Brazil are not conducive to the balance of global supply and demand. The price increase of natural diammonium is also reasonable.


    4. Due to the shortage of raw materials, India's 900,000 tons/year diammonium phosphate and 1.65 million tons/year NPK plants shut down. China is in the peak season for domestic sales, the supply of goods is insufficient, and the volume of new export orders is not high, exacerbating the global shortage of phosphoric acid supply.


    5. As of now, international diammonium prices have risen for 11 consecutive weeks, with an increase of more than US$176/ton. At present, the company’s new FOB price of 64% diammonium has reached US$540/ton, and the quotation can reach US$550/ton, which supports The domestic market for diammonium phosphate rose, and corporate quotations rose sharply.


    Comprehensive analysis: domestic spring plowing fertilizer has been started one after another! The rise of various bulk raw materials and the price of raw materials have affected the interests of downstream production and entrepreneurship. The price of sulfur has been rising, and the production cost of diammonium phosphate has increased, which has played a supporting role in the quotation of diammonium enterprises. On the demand side, the spring market just needs fertilizer demand soon With the arrival, the lack of stock in the market has not been improved, and price increases in the later period are inevitable; the international market has a large demand space and few sources of sales. Therefore, under the support of the above positive factors, the market outlook for diammonium phosphate is still strong.

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