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    Echemi 2019-02-15

    · 07:00               Registration

    · 08:30 - 08:45   Welcome Messag  Palm Hall  


    · 09:00 - 09:45   Keynote Session   Palm Hall

    1.Balancing Volatile Feedstock Demand with Maximizing Value from Oil

    2.Turning Waste into Value – The GCC Journey towards the foreground

    · 09:45 - 10:30   Exhibition Inauguration

    Inauguration & VIP Walk

    · 10:30 12:00     Technical Sessions - 2 Streams

    1.Relevancy with Integration and Industry Consolidation

    Palm Hall

    An inter-olefins plant optimization using machine learning and linear programming techniques

    Higher Margin with Integrated Refinery/Petrochemical Scheme

    TechnipFMC’s SFT® Radiant Coil Technology

    Exploring New Ultra-Low Steam Consumption, High Capacity Smokeless Flaring

    2.Enhancing Asset Performance

    Al Seef

    Improvement in Asset Utilization and Productivity in the Filtration and Separation of Quench Water

    Effective fouling protection of strippers, compressors, caustic towers and recovery section for Olefins plant

    Furnaces Excess Oxygen Optimization

    Furnace tube life optimization

    · 12:00 13:30  Lunch & Prayers

    · 13:30 14:30  Panel Discussion - Opportunities & Targeted Applications for specialty chemicals in Light of Regional Visions & Governmental Support

    Palm Hall

    · 14:30 15:00  Coffee Break

    · 15:00 16:30  Technical Session - 2 Streams

    1.Advantage of Digitalization and Big Data 

    Palm Hall

    Listen to your Heat Exchanger

    Operational Data Infrastructure as a foundation for Digital Transformation

    Auto Analytics And Tracking of Ethylene Plants for Plant Performance Improvement

    2.Managing Changing Feedstock

    Al Seef

    High Value Niche Products: Butene and Hexene Alpha Olefins

    Sustaining Olefins Production Through Optimization and Effective Feed Management

    Maximizing Furnace Capacity Utilization during Feedstock Curtailment

    Profit Pivot Points in Crude to Chemicals Integrated Complexes

    · 16:30             Raffle Draw Palm Hall

    · 19:30 -21:00  Gala Dinner The Gulf Hotel Bahrain

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