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TGIC hit 75,000 yuan/ton! Orders for a variety of chemical raw materials are queued!

Echemi 2021-04-26

Recently, a TGIC merchant stated that the current price is 61 yuan/kg including tax and logistics self-pickup (61,000 yuan/ton), and the payment will be delivered. This coincides with another merchant's statement last week that "60 yuan/kg (60,000 yuan/ton) and less stock, you need to line up."


Buying information similar to this is not uncommon on many social platforms. There are many people who are anxious to buy, and there are few people who have goods, and prices are rising. A TGIC merchant said that the current market is tight and there is basically no spot. The orders for May have already been filled, and cash is needed to queue up. This situation can not help but make the chemical industry people more suspicious. What is the development trend of the recent hot titanium dioxide, TGIC, curing agent and other industries? Will the future rise or fall? The Coating Purchasing Network had in-depth exchanges with some raw material suppliers.

TGIC: The impact is 75,000 yuan/ton, and the situation is difficult to turn around in the first half of the year
Regarding the current price increase and no goods, TGIC merchants said that according to the current situation, it is expected to rush to 75,000 yuan/ton, or even 95,000 yuan/ton. Downstream powder companies said that many TGIC companies have goods and say they are out of stock. The starting price is 60,000 yuan/ton, and everyone is out of stock. This price is also a “bad check”. The seller makes the bid. "How much is how much". Plastic products, coatings companies, etc. are asking when they can supply normally. TGIC merchants said that it will be difficult to recover in the short term, and it may not be normal in the second half of the year. It is expected that shipments will begin in early June.
Titanium dioxide: the next round of price increases is brewing, and the "irreplaceability" of products pushes up prices
Titanium dioxide products have continued a 10-month uptrend, and are still in a state of "tight goods prices rising". At present, the price of titanium dioxide exceeds 20,000 yuan/ton, and the spot is tight. We accept orders in May. Some manufacturers have cut production due to environmental protection or equipment problems. The spot supply is tight. Some manufacturers temporarily do not offer prices. Some manufacturers plan to raise their prices again in the near future. According to industry insiders, foreign sources revealed that the third quarter price increase will be announced in May, and orders for the third quarter will be sold, which is expected to increase again by US$200/ton.
At the same time, the sound of price increases is mixed with news that some companies have started to sell "affordable alternatives". It is said that the cost has been reduced by 6000-7000 yuan/ton, and the hiding power and other indicators are basically comparable to those of titanium dioxide, but insiders It means that there is currently no substance that can essentially replace the performance of titanium dioxide white pigments, and this kind of "flat replacement" has occurred in previous price increases, so it is not surprising. Although some companies are anxious to choose some "flat replacement" products, but in order to ensure quality, large factories or companies will still insist on ordering and accepting high prices.
At present, both overseas manufacturers and domestic enterprises are continuing to increase prices, and the market is in good condition. Major manufacturers are expected to have year-on-year growth in their performance this year, and due to the irreplaceability of their products, they are expected to have bullish expectations in the future.

Polyester resin: strong promotion from the upstream, the suspension of sales may continue
At present, major polyester resin factories have closed their sales, which is inseparable from the trend of important upstream raw materials. Isobutyraldehyde rose by 3,250 yuan/ton, and the price was 15,900 yuan/ton. In the second quarter, many isobutyraldehyde companies had additional maintenance arrangements, so the upward trend still has no intention of suspending. From April 16th to April 20th, the price of isobutyraldehyde began to rise, and the price set a new high every day.
The rise of isobutyraldehyde has pushed up the focus of the neopentyl glycol industry. The price of neopentyl glycol has risen by 1,500 yuan/ton, and the quotation is 16,900 yuan/ton. Some companies have already quoted more than 17,000 yuan/ton. The downstream polyester resin is mainly powder products. The downstream economic recovery in the second quarter, whether it is construction or home appliances and other industries, the demand recovery is a strong pull for powder coatings. At present, when powder factories are rushing to purchase pigments, TGIC and other products that are in short supply, they are also purchasing polyester resin products, which also makes the supply of polyester products tight and queuing for orders.
Curing agent: the shortage continues, and it is still difficult to alleviate from July to August.

In terms of curing agents, the tight supply situation since March has not yet eased. PA66 and PBT are priced at one price per day, and leading chemical industries such as BASF and LANXESS have announced that PA66 and PBT have encountered force majeure, which has also affected the curing agent. The current curing agent price has risen from 33 yuan/kg last year to about 100 yuan/kg. Some companies quoted 105 yuan/kg. Covestro 3390 is out of stock. The shortage of supply is expected to be difficult to alleviate in the first half of the year.
At present, many small paint factories have no access to the supply of curing agent, and the volume of large and medium-sized companies has also been reduced, and it is not known when they will recover. According to industry insiders, the situation in the second half of the year will not be very optimistic, and such stock-outs will continue from July to August.

Multi-sector efforts, price trends become a mystery...
Since the beginning of this year, the prices of many chemical products and bulk industrial commodities have continued their rising trend in the second half of last year, putting great pressure on companies in the middle of the chemical industry chain such as coatings and inks, and greatly reducing the profits of downstream industries. The ups and downs are difficult to calm down. In addition to the market situation in the chemical industry, there is also the mood of the chemical people. At present, the situation of tight overseas epidemic situation and low market inventory caused by domestic maintenance has not improved significantly, and the imbalance of supply and demand is still continuing. Whether it is pigments such as titanium dioxide, or products such as TGIC, HAA, curing agent, etc., in the supply In the case of shortage, the price is difficult to drop significantly. At present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, the State Council and many other agencies are paying close attention to the issue of the price of bulk industrial products. The continued rise may be alleviated. However, if the "inflection point" of a sharp price drop is expected to occur immediately, it is expected that the first half of the year will hardly appear.

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