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    Start on May 1st! Giants such as BASF, Chemours and Henkel have raised prices! A new round of "price hikes" is here!

    Echemi 2021-04-27

    Yesterday (26th), Hunan Chuangda Yutu Chemical issued a letter stating that starting on the 26th, the sales price of "Yutu" brand titanium dioxide was raised by 1,000 yuan/ton on the original basis.

    Earlier, Guangdong Yinyang Environmental New Materials Co., Ltd. issued a letter stating that due to the recent surge in raw materials and the closure, all orders will be suspended from now on, and only when the raw materials have stabilized will they decide when to take orders.

    Since the beginning of the year, the chemical industry has continued to grow rapidly. The counterattack of overseas epidemics, the Suez Canal ship jam, the superimposed geopolitical tensions in Iran and other factors such as high crude oil shocks, and other factors have pushed the chemical industry's market to continue to rise, and the prices of raw materials. The rally is hard to stop. Seeing that the May Day holiday is approaching, it seems that chemical companies have no intention of ending their lives. Instead, they have arranged the May price increase in advance.

    Hunan Sanhuan Pigment Co., Ltd.: After research, it is decided that from May 1, 2021, the sales price of the product will be appropriately increased. The selling prices of iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, and iron oxide black are raised by 500 yuan/ton (80 US dollars/ton).

    Jiaozuo Baili United Pigment Co., Ltd.: After research, the unit price of each model of iron oxide yellow will be increased by 300 yuan/ton from the original implementation price, and the unit price of each model of iron oxide black and iron oxide red will be increased at the original implementation price. 200 yuan/ton.

    Wacker Chemie (China) Co., Ltd.: The polymer department will increase the price of the whole series of redispersible rubber powder products from May 1st, the price increase range is 1.0~2.0 RMB/KG (1000-2000 RMB/ton) Including tax.

    Huayuan Pigment: From May 1st, the sales price of iron oxide pigments will be raised uniformly: red, yellow, and black products will be raised by 500 yuan/ton (80 US dollars/ton).

    Deqing Totian Sanfeng Pigment: From May 1st, the price of all iron oxides will be increased by 500 yuan/ton on the basis of the original sales price.

    Henkel (China) Investment Co., Ltd.: Starting from May 1, prices of some products will be adjusted.
    SABIC issued a letter announcing that due to the imbalance between supply and demand, the price of some products in North America will be raised from May 17th: LEXAN™ (PC) resin has risen by US$0.75/kg (approximately RMB 4873.6/ton). CYCOLOY™ (ABS) resin rose by US$0.75/kg (approximately RMB 4873.6/ton). VALOX™ (PBT) flame retardant resin rose by US$0.75/kg (approximately RMB 4873.6/ton). XENOY™ (PC/PET) resin rose by US$0.75/kg (approximately RMB 4873.6/ton). XYLEX™ (PC/polyester alloy) resin rose by US$2.5/kg (about 16245.3 yuan/ton).

    BASF starts to increase prices on May 1
    Following the continuous force majeure statement of adiponitrile, PA66 and PBT not long ago, BASF issued a price increase letter announcing the increase in the prices of raw materials caprolactam, PA6 and PA6/66 copolymers in North America. From May 1, or where the contract permits, all three products will be increased by 30 cents/lb (approximately 4340 yuan/ton).

    The price of titanium dioxide faucet Chemours starts to increase on May 1
    In addition, Chemours, the leader in titanium dioxide, recently announced that the price of titanium dioxide products will increase by US$200/ton (1299 yuan/ton) from May 1st. Another industry insider said that due to the shortage of titanium dioxide, some overseas titanium dioxide has The factory will also send a collective letter in May to increase it once, with a rate of about US$200/ton. It is expected that domestic companies will follow the increase.
    With the continuous increase in the prices of many raw materials, the coating industry has also been under tremendous pressure, and they have expressed their decision to increase prices in order to provide downstream customers with high-quality products and normal business operations. Different from some price increase letters in the first quarter, the price increase is "clearly marked", and the increase is relatively moderate. The coating companies that announced the increase in the second quarter frequently made big moves: customized product quotations, a single quotation, and all previous quotations. Obsolete, need cash settlement, and limited delivery.
    LongWeite water-based paint: Now, the price of all products of "LongWeite" under Yiyuan (Qian'an) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will be increased by 5% on the basis of the price increase on March 15, 2021. It will be implemented from May 6, 2021. For specific product adjustment prices, please contact sales personnel.

    Guangdong Ruizhi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.: Starting from May 1st, all products will be adjusted in price.
    1. The price of all white powders will be increased by 3000 yuan/ton on the original basis.
    2. The powder of other colors will be increased by RMB 2,000/ton on the original basis.
    3. The price of wood grain transfer paper is increased by 0.1 yuan/m on the original basis.

    Guangdong Baichuan Chemical Co., Ltd.: After research and decision, the product price and policy will be adjusted again. The specific adjustments are as follows:
    1. The latest standard price list will be implemented from May 10, 2021, and all quotations before May 2021 will be invalid;
    2. Real-time quotation for all UV orders and unshipped UV orders, a single quotation;
    3. Special offer products, special distribution and customized products not on the quotation form will be quoted separately, and the previous quotations will be invalid;
    4. Limited orders are shipped at the execution price of this month, and shall not exceed the average monthly purchase volume of last year. The purchase shall be settled in cash. According to industry forecasts, raw materials will continue to run at a high level after May 2021.

    Oriental Yuhong Civil Building Materials Co., Ltd.: After research and decision, the price of some products of Yuhong will be increased, and the new prices will be implemented from May 1. Please consult your district manager for details.

    Valspar (Shanghai) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.: From May 1, 2021, 5%-10% adjustments will be made to related products such as China Resources Paint, Valspar's latex paint and wood paint.
    In addition, some coating companies also notified the price increase in May through customer groups and WeChat groups, reminding customers to stock up properly based on inventory and pay for the goods in time. At present, there has been an upside-down of product prices and costs. Many companies have expressed that they cannot afford to bear them alone and can only choose to increase prices.
    The coatings industry has so much confidence in announcing price increases, or even "tearing up" the contract, and the quotation is "voided". This is unprecedented in recent decades. Looking at the price increase since this year, it can be seen that hundreds of paint companies such as Nippon, Zhanchen, Carboline, Clivia, Valspar, etc. have sent letters to increase the price, and some companies have increased the price more than twice, breaking People's established cognition has also subverted the "price stability" pattern of the coating industry.

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