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Dow, DuPont, 3M and other chemical companies are listed on the top 500 in the United States!

Echemi 2021-06-09

Recently, the 2021 Fortune 500 list was released. Wal-Mart has been at the top of the list for the ninth consecutive year, and Amazon has maintained its second place and moved to third place.

Among all listed companies, the natural gas and power industries have gathered the largest number of Fortune 500 companies, with 22; the chemical industry has 14 companies, one more than last year, ranking fifth; and the oil refining industry has 8 companies.

In the chemical industry list, Dow ranked the highest with annual revenue of US$38.5 billion, ranking 82th in the total ranking, down 4 places; 3M followed closely with annual revenue of US$32.2 billion, ranking 96th, up 7 places; DuPont's annual revenue is US$20.4 billion, ranking 144th, a sharp increase of 8 places.

In the oil refining industry list, ExxonMobil led the way with annual revenue of 181.5 billion US dollars, and its ranking dropped sharply from last year’s third place to 10th; Chevron’s annual revenue was 94.7 billion US dollars, ranking 27th, a sharp drop. 12; Marathon crude oil has an annual revenue of nearly 89 billion U.S. dollars, ranking 32nd, and ranking down 10 places.

In 2020, the total profit of these largest US companies was 858.6 billion U.S. dollars, a sharp drop of 29.8% compared with last year, the biggest drop since 2009. There are 108 companies on the list that have not achieved profitability; compared to last year, an increase of 48.

The oil industry is a big loser. Exxon Mobil posted an annual loss for the first time in 40 years, and became the most loss-making company on the list, with a loss of more than 22.4 billion U.S. dollars; Occidental Petroleum ranked second in the loss list with a loss of more than 14.8 billion U.S. dollars; Marathon Crude Oil Company ranked second. Sixth, a loss of US$9.8 billion; Chevron's loss of more than US$5.5 billion; Phillips66's loss of nearly US$4 billion; ConocoPhillips' loss of US$2.7 billion.

On the whole, affected by the global epidemic, this year's entry threshold has dropped from last year's 5.66 billion US dollars to 5.37 billion US dollars. The total revenue of the 500 companies also fell slightly to approximately US$13.8 trillion, a decrease of 3.15% from last year. The total income of the companies on the list is equivalent to two-thirds of the US GDP that year.

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