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Reasons for the skyrocketing bisphenol A market

Echemi 2021-07-20

market situation

The dual raw material market continued its upward trend last week, especially bisphenol A, which rose by more than 3,000 yuan/ton in a single week. Supported by high raw material costs, the epoxy resin market soared, and the price of liquid resin easily broke the 30,000 yuan/ton mark and rose sharply. See the specific market below:


Quotes Summary

Bisphenol A: In terms of raw materials, the phenol ketone market declined slightly during the week, and the extent was not large: the latest reference price of acetone was 5000 yuan/ton, and the latest reference price of phenol rose first and then fell. The latest reference price was around 9500 yuan/ton.

Installation situation: The industry as a whole is operating normally, with an overall operating rate of about 80%. Nantong Xingchen's 150,000-ton/year unit will be shut down for maintenance for one week on July 11; Sinopec Mitsui's 120,000-ton/year unit will be temporarily shut down on July 16 when it fails.

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