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    High Value Painting Exhibition "Explosive" Furniture Painting Inspiration Muse

    Echemi 2019-03-21

    While the Furniture Man was still talking about "less is more or boring" at the Milan International Furniture Exhibition, Italy, from March 10 to 12, Gabrielle Furniture Paint "High Value Painting Exhibition of Lacquer Forest" made a fresh appearance at the Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Foshan, Guangdong Province, to convey a unique understanding of the new trend of painting in the new world of micro-painting.

    For this reason, Carbury Furniture Paint has added a new product experience exhibition area in the pavilion, which enables customers to have a more intuitive experience of the mainstream painting trend in 2019. Among them, the performance of low dumbness and high transparency, such as no paint film feeling, yellowing resistance, anti-flow hanging and adhesion enhancement, not only solves the painting problems and industry pain points of scientific and technological wood, but also makes the charm and painting value of furniture more brilliant. Inspiration Muse of "Explosive" Furniture Painting in High Value Painting Exhibition.

    However, for SMEs, it is not difficult to follow the new trend, but it is difficult to follow the trend of consumer identity. So, how to use the trend correctly and turn it into one's own "explosive" inspiration? For this reason, the High Value Painting Exhibition of Lacquer Forest integrates the development trend and actual cases of benchmarking enterprises in 2018 and 2020, all of which are dry goods. And the exhibition area has become one of the focus of customers'punching cards.

    At the exhibition site, Carbury Furniture Paint professional uniform personnel combined painting technology and successful landing plans of benchmarking furniture enterprises to provide prospective judgment and popular trend reference for furniture manufacturers with a large number of cases, and to solve the pain points for customers. The theme exhibition of "High Value Painting in Lacquer Forest" has come to an end. When the trend of trend returns to its original point, its essence remains unchanged. Just as wood is to furniture and lacquer is to art, Carbury furniture lacquer always pays attention to product strength and gives furniture higher value by painting. The inspiration of furniture painting in high value Painting Exhibition


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