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The price of chemical products hit a new high again, rising by as much as 7%!

Echemi 2021-10-14

Around the "Eleventh" period, the domestic chemical market continued its strong upward trend in the previous period. As of October 9, the chemical product price index (CCPI) rose to 6,231 points, an increase of 7%.


Among the monitored prices of important chemical products, 48 products rose, accounting for 78.7%, and the top three products were bromine, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and propylene; 10 products fell, accounting for 16.4%, a decline The top three products are octanol, epichlorohydrin and ethyl acetate.


Judging from the increase list, the price of bromine rose strongly, with an increase of nearly 30% during the statistical period. Affected by the environmental protection policy, the output of bromine companies in Shandong has declined, and the manufacturers in Changyi are basically in a state of suspension, and the market supply is very tight. The downstream flame retardant and intermediate industries have recently increased their operating rates, and the demand for bromine is acceptable, supporting the rapid rise in prices.


The PVC market performed well. The shortage of raw materials continues, the operating rate of outsourcing calcium carbide enterprises has dropped significantly, the supply of enterprises is in short supply, and the shipments are smooth, which promotes continuous surge in market prices. In addition, the price of raw calcium carbide has continued to rise and the cost has increased significantly, which is also a major reason for the increase in the price of PVC.


The propylene market continues to rise. The recent increase in oil prices has supported the market mentality. The continuous rise in downstream polypropylene futures boosted the propylene market sentiment, and the propylene spot negotiated price rose sharply. In the later stage, the main suppliers continue to be bullish, but the downstream chasing atmosphere is weak. It is expected that the short-term propylene upward momentum will weaken.


Judging from the list of declines, the octanol market is in a weak downward trend, and the decline is mainly concentrated before the National Day. The downstream plasticizer plant was shut down intensively, and the increasing imbalance between the supply and demand of octanol caused the factory to continue to accumulate warehouses, and the bearish expectations increased. After the holiday, with downstream phased purchases, market demand has increased, driving the price of octanol to rebound.


The epichlorohydrin market has declined. Epichlorohydrin production enterprises have started mostly stable, and the spot supply in the market has not changed much from the previous period. However, the operating load of downstream liquid epoxy resin enterprises has dropped rapidly, the overall demand has decreased significantly, and the market offer has declined.


Ethyl acetate retreated from a high level. The upstream price of acetic acid was adjusted and the price fell 1.7%, and the cost support weakened. In addition, the market demand performance was not good. In the last week before the holiday, manufacturers sharply lowered their ex-factory prices. In addition to the excessive price increase in the previous period, there was a callback demand, and the price of ethyl acetate gradually declined.


On the whole, the chemical market remained strong last week, with most products showing an upward trend. Looking at this week, the international crude oil market fluctuated and rose. The price of Brent crude oil has risen above the US$80/barrel mark, which supports the increase in the cost of chemical products. Under the energy consumption "dual control" policy, product output has declined significantly, and the chemical market is expected to continue its upward trend this week.

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