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Dushanzi Petrochemical Tarim Petrochemical Branch: Butene-1 Plant Was Successfully Started at One Time

ECHEMI 2022-01-12

On January 8, at the site of the butene-1 plant of Dushanzi Petrochemical Tarim Petrochemical Company, the staff was debugging the equipment in a tense and orderly manner. Everyone in the central control room was closely watching the monitoring screen and paying close attention to the fluctuation of various data. . At 16:16, the butene-1 product was analyzed and sent to the tank farm, marking the successful start-up of the butene-1 unit.


The butene-1 plant was successfully put into operation, which can provide self-produced raw materials for high-density polyethylene and full-density polyethylene plants, saving the cost of butene-1 outsourcing and the mutual supply of the headquarters, becoming another new product of Tarim Petrochemical Branch. Economic growth point, but also marks a new level of domestic ethylene-to-butene technology.


The butene-1 project broke ground on February 20, 2021. After 9 months of construction and construction, it overcame the unfavorable factors such as delayed equipment arrival, frequent design changes, and nervous construction personnel. Through the introduction of public works and process materials, refining bed regeneration, butene-1 solvent circulation and reaction temperature rise and pressure replacement, the catalyst was injected to initiate the reaction on January 7, 2022, and after 12 hours of fine adjustment, qualified butene was produced. 


The butene-1 plant includes a polymerization reaction system, a product separation system, a solvent drying system, a product cache and a utility system. The device was developed by China Petrochemical Research Institute and has a new type of ethylene dimerization process with independent intellectual property rights. Monomer, with the characteristics of short reaction induction period, high catalyst activity and strong butene-1 selectivity.

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