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Dichloromethane: The Imbalance Between Supply and Demand Increases

ECHEMI 2022-01-18


In terms of the market, this week the domestic dichloromethane market all down, dichloromethane prices in recent years at the same period of the high, downstream and traders think the current price stockpile risk is greater, stock enthusiasm is not high. In addition, with the approaching of the Spring Festival, logistics and transportation began to be limited, and the delivery of production enterprises was not smooth.


Inventory accumulated to a middle and high level, and the delivery dominated, and then the price was reduced. However, this Saturday, under the influence of rain and snow weather, accelerate the downstream warehouse construction to take goods, enterprise orders increased, inventory pressure slightly decreased.


However, in terms of current profits, the gross profit of methane chloride this week is 1601.8 yuan/ton. Driven by high profits and ensuring production safety during the Spring Festival, the operating rate of enterprises will rise to a high level, and the overall supply pressure will rise.


In addition, only one week before the Spring Festival, market participants began to withdraw from the market one after another, logistics and transportation were limited, and after the intensity of trading slowed down, the inventory of production enterprises accumulated again.

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