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    Printing and Dyeing Mills in Wujiang to Be Shut Down

    China TexNet 2017-06-27

    An urgent notice from Wujiang Environmental Protection Agency said that all printing and dyeing mills were required to be shut down from 9:00PM on Jun 25 and sewage plants should turn off valves from Jun 26 morning.

    Currently there are 3,517 weavers with water-jet looms 342,000, producing nearly one million tons of waste water while reuse rate of reclaimed water is only 10%.

    In order to manage the water pollution caused by waste water from water-jet looms, Wujiang government will comprehensively conduct special remediation covering all printing and dyeing mills on water-jet looms based on localized management to promote upgrade of jet weaving industry and decrease industrial water consumption and sewage discharge through shutting down, renovating and upgrading the mills.

    According to the meeting, new water-jet looms will be forbidden in Wujiang from Jun 26, including those recorded yet not put into operation. Outdated equipment will be eliminated and outdated capacity will be cut year by year to reduce water-jet looms to 238,000 from 342,000 and increase reuse rate of reclaimed water to 100% from current 10% by the end of 2019.

    Zhangxing, deputy district head of Wujiang District, emphasized that practical plans and policies should be implemented with clear targets, measures and responsibilities to make a contribution to blue sky, green land and clean water in Wujiang.

    It is said that 50% dyeing mills in Wujiang were shut down several days ago but this did not last long. These dyeing mills restarted successively after two days. It is predicted that dyeing mills will face larger challenges later.

    Large pressure from environmental protection was seen from so frequent shutdown of dyeing mills. All printing and dyeing mills stopped production from 9:00PM on Jun 25, which indicates that printing and dyeing industry in Wujiang may get into “trouble”.

    With industrial characteristics, pollution produced during printing and dyeing is inevitable. The point for Wujiang government, mills and society is to reduce discharge of sewage at utmost and protect environment.

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