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    Danish EPA Gives Recommendations for Tattoo Ink Allergens Restriction

    Chemical Watch 2017-06-27


    Tattoo Ink

    The Danish EPA has released a report on allergic reactions to tattoo inks, to help Echa in preparing a REACH Annex XV dossier to restrict harmful substances in the inks.

    It is collaborating with the Norwegian EPA to prepare a generic assessment for how to regulate skin sensitisers as part of the restriction.

    Among its recommendations, the EPA says:

    > allergens fulfilling the CLP criteria for classification should not be present in tattoo ink, due to the risk of allergic reactions;

    > all ingredients in tattoo inks should be declared either on the container or in a safety data sheet, whether they are hazardous or not; and

    > research should be initiated to better understand, diagnose and prevent adverse tattoo reactions.

    The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food published a report, earlier in the month, describing how to develop a robust method for analysing azo pigments and primary aromatic amines (PAA) used in tattoo inks.

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