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    Dye Market Is Not That Good


    After the Spring Festival, the bullish atmosphere in the dye market faded away. Facing the traditional peak season of dye market, the modest trading sentiment still continues in the market.

    At the end of 2016, mainstream disperse dyes and reactive dyes producers entered the destocking period and they sold the inventories at low prices, which boosted the revenue situation in Q4, 2016 and Q1, 2017. However, the destocking has brought low-priced resources into the market.

    Low-priced dyes were not the main reason for the weak dye market. Low-priced resources let dye producers, traders and end users have more bargaining space. But, the downstream demand was soft and continuous low prices dragged down the overall uptrend.

    In February and March, the dyes market was tepid. Fabric and garment producers purchased dyes cautiously. Purchasing volume was always small. Most insiders are bearish about the coming market, so the demand for dyes is sliding.

    On the whole, it is difficult for the dyes market to move up greatly in Q2, 2017.

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