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    Jiangsu Huaguang powder: the first person in graphene powder coating!

    Echemi 2019-08-02


    The research and development of graphene powder coatings will change the existing pattern of traditional powder coatings. The performance of graphene powder coatings perfectly explains its high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection in painting construction. It is mainly used in various fields related to metal surface layer and protection, such as rail transit, automobile parts and oils. Air pipeline, shipbuilding industry, indoor and outdoor metal structure engineering, road facilities, industrial appliances, household appliances metal surface.

    With the wide application of graphene anti-corrosion powder coatings, many downstream users have paid close attention to it. According to the relevant person in charge of Jiangsu Huaguang, one of the formulators of China's powder standards, the rise of graphene anti-corrosion powder coatings is a breakthrough in the field of graphene application and a great increase in powder coatings. Many properties are a major impetus to the graphene industry and powder coatings industry.

    In recent years, in order to meet the development of the industry and market demand, Jiangsu Huaguang has continuously strengthened the technical research and development of conductive, thermal conductive graphene anti-corrosive powder coatings, superhydrophobic/graphene anti-corrosive powder coatings and high strength graphene powder coatings. Jiangsu Huaguang graphene anti-corrosive powder coatings research and development team has been established. Later, strategic cooperation was carried out with Jiangnan Graphene Research Institute, Changzhou Sixth Element Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and other authoritative organizations in the field of graphene. With the concept of "high efficiency, system, sustainability and breakthrough", a research and Development Center for graphene powder coatings and polymer materials was established, and great achievements have been made.

    Graphene powder coatings have better anti-corrosion, conductivity and thermal conductivity than traditional coatings. In the future, the excellent performance of graphene powder coatings will enable it to develop in a broader industrial field and hopefully become the biggest subverter and leader of growth.

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