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    Deyang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau carries out spot checks on mooncakes

    Echemi 2019-09-06


    The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. In order to strengthen food safety supervision during the Mid-Autumn Festival, prevent food safety accidents, and ensure the city's people to enjoy a happy and safe reunion festival. Recently, Deyang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau carried out spot checks of mooncakes before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    Samples of this sampling inspection mainly concentrated in circulation links, covering different formats such as wholesale market, agricultural market, shopping mall, supermarket, snack and grocery stores, and a total of 21 batches of mooncakes were sampled. The main test items are acid value, peroxide value, preservatives, microorganisms and residual aluminum in moon cakes. As a seasonal food, mooncakes were sampled twice before and during the festival. The pre-festival task has been completed, and the Mid-Festival task will be extracted within 2 to 7 days before the festival, and the results of the sampling will be published to the public in time.

    Our Bureau will strengthen the law enforcement and inspection of the production and operation units of mooncakes in the near future, standardize the supervision of production enterprises and small food processing workshops, strengthen the inspection of raw materials and eliminate illegal acts such as illegal addition and abuse of food additives, and urge food operators to strictly implement the obligation of inspection of mooncakes and effectively guarantee the mooncakes in all links. Quality and safety, to ensure that the general public has a happy and peaceful Mid-Autumn Festival.

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