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    Henan Efforts to Improve the Standardized Management Level of Food Production

    Echemi 2019-09-06


    From August 26 to 27, the scene of standardized management of food production and operation in Henan Province will be held in Zhengzhou.

    During the meeting, the leaders of the provincial municipalities and directly administered counties (cities) market supervision bureaus and relevant business departments visited the sites of Yonghe Platinum Judge International Hotel, Metro Property Management (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. and the demonstration street of food safety around Jinfeng Road Campus in Xinmi City. By the Zhengzhou market supervision department to implement the 6S management model, explore the establishment of food safety supervision standard system of innovative practices. It is known that the Zhengzhou Market Regulatory Bureau managed the city's food safety with international management standards by implementing the 6S management model (i.e. sorting out SEIRI, rectifying SEITON, cleaning SEISO, cleaning SEIKETSU, literacy SHITSUKE and safety SECURITY), and set off "three revolutions" in the reshaping of the working mechanism: To guide food production enterprises to carry out HACCP and ISO22000 certification, to guide food production enterprises and small workshops to implement 6S management in an all-round way, and to carry out "workshop revolution" in the field of food production; to implement red, yellow and green label reminders according to the level of food safety risk according to the color label management law, and to strictly control food classification, zoning and storage pendulum.

    Deposit, store and discharge, carry out "shelf revolution" in the field of food circulation; organize catering units to carry out "moving" sweeping, upgrade and transform the hardware facilities of back kitchen, remove turnips from the field materials, and carry out "kitchen revolution" in the field of catering according to the qualitative, quantitative, positioning and color control of processing procedures. The operation of 6S management mode has weaved a "protective net" for food safety. Up to now, the work of Zhengzhou to establish a national food safety demonstration city has progressed smoothly. With the best results, it has passed the mid-term evaluation of the Food and Security Office of the State Council. Eight counties (cities) and districts have been named as "provincial food safety demonstration units" by the Food and Security Office of the provincial government. The qualified rate of comprehensive sampling inspection of food in Zhengzhou is over 98%, and the people are full Meaning reached 76.62%. Malin Qing, Secretary of the Party Group of Henan Market Supervision Bureau, said at the meeting that a comprehensive summary and promotion of food production and management practices in Zhengzhou with 6S management mode as the main content would help to cultivate the professional quality of practitioners, improve product quality, create a clean and orderly production and processing and business environment, and ensure food security. Product safety plays an extremely important role.

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