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    Analysis of the latest trend of waterborne coatings industry market

    Echemi 2019-11-01


    In recent years, with the development of technology, the application effect of waterborne coatings in many fields has reached or even exceeded that of traditional organic solvent based coatings (paints). It is an important way to realize energy conservation and emission reduction in the coating industry to expand the promotion of waterborne coatings and replace organic solvent based coatings containing toxic and harmful substances. Although the overall growth of waterborne coatings is accelerated by policies, the use proportion in various fields is still not very high. Therefore, we boldly put forward some suggestions for the application of waterborne coatings online Accelerate the promotion of waterborne coatings in civil steel structure and furniture industry. Resource conservation, environmental friendliness and green sustainability are the main trends of the world coating industry. Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries have put the development of waterborne coatings in a prominent position. As the civil steel structure and furniture industry belong to the field of light anti-corrosion, the water-based coating can completely meet the requirements of product performance and decorative appearance in technology.

    In developed countries, the proportion of water-based coatings in these areas is generally more than 50%. China is a big country in steel structure and wood production, so it is of great practical significance to promote waterborne coatings. In particular, the spraying construction of steel structure products is often carried out in open places. It is difficult to achieve the organized emission of VOCs and effective treatment. The air pollution problem is prominent. It is urgent for the state to support and guide enterprises to accelerate the pace of replacing organic solvent coating with water-based coating. It is necessary to study and formulate the mandatory application standards of environmental protection coatings such as water-based coatings in steel structure industry. Relevant departments shall take the lead in formulating and Issuing the mandatory standards for the use of water-based coatings and other environmental friendly coatings in the steel structure industry, forbidding the use of organic solvent based coatings, and studying and formulating relevant supporting policies for environmental protection, finance and taxation. Research and develop the promotion and application roadmap of environmental friendly coatings such as water-based coatings in wood furniture industry. The relevant departments of the State shall organize the formulation of action plans, define the schedule and roadmap for the promotion and application of waterborne coatings, phase out high VOCs emission products such as organic solvent nitro wood paint, and study the implementation of negative list system in the management of coating construction projects.

    Through the policy support of technical transformation subsidy, tax relief, financial discount and so on, support enterprises to transform the coating production line, build the environmental protection coating demonstration line, demonstration base and coating technician training and education base. Play the leading role of government procurement. Environmental protection coatings such as water-based coatings shall be listed in the government procurement catalogue, and "environmental protection coatings such as water-based coatings" shall be preferentially included in the government procurement list. In the qualified government procurement projects, water-based coatings shall be used instead of organic solvent based coatings as much as possible. Fifthly, the standard system of waterborne coatings should be established to create a good development environment. Give full play to the industry's dynamic role, study and formulate relevant standards and test specifications for production and waste treatment of waterborne coatings. Simplify the construction approval and operation standards of water-based coating projects, and cancel the mandatory requirements that water-based coating projects must enter the chemical industry park. Make clear that the water-based coating is non hazardous chemicals, and improve the relevant management regulations. For steel structure and furniture enterprises that completely adopt water-based coating, simplify the construction EIA procedures, optimize the production supervision mode, and reduce the burden of enterprises on the premise of meeting the emission standards. At the same time, we should strengthen market supervision, maintain fair and just market order, crack down on fake and inferior products and fraud, and create a good market environment. The column is exclusive to VIP members. Please check the details after VIP members log in.

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