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Support standardization and promote healthy development of small food workshops

ECHEMI 2019-11-14


After several years of guidance and support, up to now, the city has obtained 22 registration certificates of small food workshops, 2 of which have won the title of the first batch of small food workshop demonstration sites in Suzhou, and 3 of which have won the title of the third batch of small food workshop demonstration sites in Suzhou.

Make full investigation and research, find out the bottom number comprehensively, and make investigation according to the industrial distribution and characteristics of small food workshops, the status of food safety level and the analysis of the causes of existing problems, so as to master the basic situation of small food workshops in the jurisdiction. At the same time, according to the unified deployment, the small workshops engaged in bean products, preserved meat products, cooked meat products, food processing products, fried food and nut products in the area will carry out the general survey, registration and filing work, and implement the "household registration" management mode. To eliminate the blind area and to prevent the hidden danger of risks, 25 small workshops that are not in the catalogue of the first batch of small food production and processing workshops and those that are not in the catalogue of the first batch of small food production and processing workshops that are in the catalogue but have no conditions and no intention of transformation are resolutely banned and punished.

According to the investigation, 25 small workshops are banned and 2 cases are filed for investigation and punishment, which has reached the warning effect Fruit. The special rectification further investigated the hidden dangers of food safety in small workshops in the city, grasped the food safety situation of small workshops, especially severely cracked down on the illegal acts of manufacturing and selling fake and inferior food, using non food raw materials and recycled food to produce and process food, and abusing food additives, resolutely banned the illegal production and processing of black workshops and black dens, and effectively standardized the production and processing of small workshops Property management behavior. To implement the responsibility and promote the healthy development of small workshops, we should implement the basic information publicity system of small food processing workshops, and use the information publicity column to open the business license, registration certificate and health certificate of employees of small food processing workshops to the public, forming a joint governance pattern of "government supervision, enterprise self-discipline and social supervision". Supervise and urge the small workshops to implement the main responsibility of food safety, help and guide them to establish and improve the record account of raw and auxiliary materials purchase acceptance, key control points in production process, use of food additives, product delivery and sales, establish and implement the health system of employees, use registration of food additives, disposal of unqualified products, etc.

According to the specific provisions of the regulations of Jiangsu Province on the management of food small workshops and food vendors, the construction design drawings of small workshop operators shall be provided with drawing review service, and improvement suggestions shall be put forward one by one according to the actual situation, so as to ensure that the requirements of registration conditions are met.

Create small workshops with improved conditions, implement "supervision + service", increase assistance and guidance, support their transformation and upgrading, and encourage them to become bigger and stronger, transformation and upgrading. Lead the small workshops that are interested in upgrading to visit and study at the demonstration site, and under the guidance of the demonstration, complete the guidance and registration of two small workshops this year.

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