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    Weng'an county carries out joint action to rectify food safety problems

    Echemi 2019-11-14


    On November 5, in the theme education of "never forget your original mind and keep your mission in mind", the market supervision bureau of Weng'an county, the Public Security Bureau of Weng'an county, the Education Bureau of Weng'an county and other departments formed an inspection team to jointly carry out the action of rectifying food safety problems, focus on solving outstanding problems, pay attention to the implementation of rectification, establish and improve the long-term mechanism, and constantly enhance the people's sense of access, happiness and safety Full sense. The inspection team successively went to Qihui kindergarten, Xiangfa non-staple food, heli supermarket, some restaurants and small supermarkets in Weng'an county to check whether there were illegal behaviors in food production and operation environment, false publicity and illegal sales of health food, failure to implement the main responsibility for food safety of schools and kindergartens, food safety problems, and quality and safety problems of agricultural products.

    In the inspection, the inspection team ordered the unqualified facilities, equipment and commodities in the food production and processing to be rectified immediately. The private kindergartens without certificates were required to be shut down immediately and punished accordingly. The food production workshops that failed to meet the standards were required to be shut down and adjusted. The catering units illegally opened in residential areas were required to be shut down within a time limit. It is reported that the joint action will comprehensively sort out the problem clues found in supervision and inspection, spot check and monitoring, case investigation and handling, complaint and report, media exposure, dig a number of prominent problems that seriously infringe on the interests of the masses, strengthen the rectification and investigation, focus on solving the people's worries, worries, worries, and resolutely investigate and handle the violations of agricultural products and food production and operation In legal cases, the strictest standards, the strictest supervision, the strictest punishment and the strictest accountability are used to ensure the "safety on the tip of the tongue" of the people.

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