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    Chuanwei Chemical's VAE debuts in Europe

    Echemi 2020-06-02

    Recently, the foreign trade ton barrels loaded with two tons of VAE products successfully left Chuanwei Chemical Company under the close coordination and cooperation of sales, production and logistics. This batch of products will eventually arrive in Europe.

      VAE is widely used in home improvement, food packaging, and construction industries. Chuanwei Chemical is the first drafting unit of the national standard for this product. The VAE products produced have not only obtained "Petrochemical Green Products", but also obtained "Environmental Labeled Product" certification for 15 consecutive years. The European market is a high-end market for VAE exports. There are many competitors. The market is saturated and the competition is fierce. What is more tricky is that competitors choose to build factories in Europe. Affected by the new crown epidemic, some European countries have shut down factories, resulting in broken supply chains and insufficient output of VAE, making it difficult to meet the needs of downstream customers. This provides an opportunity for Sichuan-dimensional chemical company VAE products to open the European market gap.

      Chuanwei Chemical Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity to vigorously expand the European market, actively contact potential downstream customers, send product samples to customers, and provide technical support to customers through video and telephone. Kung Fu is not disappointed. After trying a sample of a product, a European customer very much recognized the quality of the product and plans to purchase 2 tons of VAE products for further pilot testing. Although it only has a sales volume of 2 tons, in order to seize this potential user, Chuanwei Chemical conducted a separate transfer process and logistics transportation bidding for these batches of products for the first time, providing customers with reliable quotations and looking forward to long-term cooperation.

       Currently, Chuanwei Chemical is undergoing VAE capacity expansion and transformation. After the project is put into production, the VAE production capacity will double. The opening of the European sales channel for this product laid a solid foundation for the VAE capacity expansion project to lay out the international market in advance.

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