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    Ashland Shanghai Laboratory: Rosaliss can repair acne

    Echemi 2020-06-02

    Ashland, a global specialty chemicals company, recently conducted a clinical study of Rosaliss, a biological functional ingredient of Provencal Chiba Rose, in the Shanghai laboratory, and announced new research results.
    At the Ashland Clinical Laboratory in Shanghai, 35 volunteers participated in the study. The first group of volunteers had age spots on their faces, and their skin was sagging. The second group had acne blemishes or acne marks. They tried a face cream containing 1% Rosaliss for 28 days.

      The research results show that Rosaliss bio-functional ingredients can repair acne damage on the skin, make the skin brighter and more balanced, the skin texture looks smoother, fine lines are reduced, and pores are reduced. The skin is more radiant, more supple and firm.

      At the same time, blemishes including acne marks are reduced, and the "sensitivity" of the skin is reduced.

      Rosaliss biological functional ingredients are natural extracts produced by Ashland using plant small molecule RNA patented technology. This technology allows Ashland to extract active ingredients from fresh petals.

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