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    TDI finally pulled back, polyether still rose

    Echemi 2020-09-16


    The TDI market rose first and then declined last week, and continues to pull back this week. The recent market intermediaries and downstream profitable shipments have caused market prices to not continue to rise sharply. The joint price increase of TDI and polyether puts pressure on the downstream. The peak fall in 2016 was also due to the strong resistance of the downstream market. A company filed a price manipulation lawsuit and the TDI industry was about to face investigation. The upstream manufacturer immediately lowered the listing price, which came to an end. However, the current low-price inventory in the market is inadequate, exports continue to pick up, severe warehouse explosions in Hong Kong, and several major manufacturers shut down for maintenance and force majeure, which in turn has a positive impact on prices.

    Ultimately, the market price trend depends on the current round of supply and demand game. In terms of conservation of profit: the total profit generated under a period of market is conserved and will not change due to transaction frequency or price fluctuations. So no matter how the price rises or falls, the few are happy and the others are worried.

    From the perspective of business nature, all products will eventually return to their value source. At present, how much is a reasonable price for TDI? Once the TDI skyrocketed in 2016, some downstream said that they would accept the price range of 20,000 to 30,000. In the past two years of economic downturn and the impact of the epidemic, the downstream psychological price has also dropped significantly. I am afraid that the lower the hope, the better.

    Neutrally speaking, companies all want to make a profit, and more companies want to survive. While retaining reasonable profits, manufacturers may adjust prices appropriately and reasonably, which may be what our market needs most. We accept volatility and look forward to a healthy and orderly market environment. Those who have the ability to seize a few waves of the market can still make a lot of money, and other people can also survive by playing steadily. After all, a mature and stable market environment can guarantee the long-term and healthy development of this industry.

    Today's TDI East China market price is 16500-17800 yuan/ton, down 200 yuan/ton from yesterday.


    Polyether has continued to rise recently, and the market's high price acceptance is not high. Unlike TDI's sharp rise and follow suit, a large part of the upward trend of polyether depends on the upward trend of raw material PO prices. The market outlook needs to pay attention to the trend of raw material PO and market transactions.

    The price of ordinary soft foam in East China market today is 20,000-22,000 yuan, an increase of 2,500 yuan/ton from yesterday, and the price range is relatively large.

    Today, the price of hard foam 4110 in East China market is 14000-14200 yuan, an increase of 500 yuan/ton from yesterday.

    Pure MDI

    Pure MDI has risen steadily recently. Market inventory is low and supply is tight. The downstream just needs to purchase mainly, and the transaction is not good. It is expected that the follow-up high-level finishing will require attention to supply and demand.

    Today's East China market price is 17000-17500 yuan, the same as yesterday.

    Aggregate MDI

    After a round of rising, the aggregate MDI has stabilized recently. Market attitudes are divergent, and downstream follow-up intentions are poor.

    Today's East China market price is 16,700-17500 yuan, the same as yesterday.

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