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    "Two Suspenses" in China's Methyl Methacrylate Market

    Echemi 2020-10-16

    At present, due to the increase in prices of related methyl methacrylate manufacturers, the overall market enquiry atmosphere of my country's methyl methacrylate remains positive, and the market offer prices have increased. On October 9, the first working day after the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day "Double Festival" holiday, my country's overall methyl methacrylate market showed an active upward trend. Due to low inventories of some manufacturers, the market offer prices increased accordingly . Weng Yinyi, an analyst at Jinlianchuang Chemical, analyzed that with the approaching of November, the downstream terminal industry has gradually returned to stable order purchasing atmosphere and my country’s newly-built production capacity has gradually returned to normal. It is expected that my country’s overall methyl methacrylate market may be There will be a consolidation trend, and the expectation of a narrow negative decline is not ruled out. However, it is undeniable that in October, my country's overall methyl methacrylate market real single transaction market price center of gravity may maintain a high level of operation, the possibility of a sharp decline is expected to be low.

    Weng Yinyi introduced that Shanghai Lucite, which has a production capacity of 180,000 tons/year of methyl methacrylate, has announced that it will raise the price of methyl methacrylate from October 9th to 14,000 yuan/ton in East China due to extremely low finished product inventory. South China is 15,000 yuan/ton. Similarly, due to the low inventory of finished products, Shandong Hongxu Chemical Co., Ltd. has announced that the ex-factory price of methyl methacrylate will increase by 500 yuan/ton to 13,000 yuan/year from October 9th. Tons, limited sales of 600 tons.

    Weng Yinyi believes that under the background of the launch of new production capacity in my country's overall methyl methacrylate market, whether the price increase offered by manufacturers after the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day "Double Festival" is "short-lived" or "long-lasting" has become my country's overall methyl methacrylate market Two major suspense. One of the suspense, after the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day "Double Festival", where does the determination of my country's methyl methacrylate manufacturers to increase their offer prices come from? To solve the above-mentioned puzzles, the most important thing is to return to the root cause. my country's methyl methacrylate manufacturers offer higher or firmer offers. In the final analysis, it is the inventory problem.

     Weng Yinyi analyzed that the high inventory of methyl methacrylate manufacturers and the pressure on shipments will inevitably weaken the market price. However, the inventory is low and the shipments remain basically smooth, and the market prices naturally remain high and even push up. October is still the traditional peak season for my country's methyl methacrylate sales, and downstream end-users' real-order production start-up load rate still maintains a high start-up load rate. During the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday on the 8th, my country’s hazardous chemicals cannot be transported at high speed, but ordinary road transportation is still smooth. Methyl methacrylate manufacturers basically maintain normal sales and transportation during the holiday period, including newly-built production enterprises, which are mostly used in the province. The mode of consumption or close-range consumption is normal shipping operation.

    Recently, the tight supply and high price of acetone in my country’s acetone market have led to a slight shortage of raw material supply in the overall market for methyl methacrylate on the one hand. Under the background of tight supply of raw materials, some manufacturers have maintained their actual operating load rates at normal low loads. run. On the other hand, some methyl methacrylate installations in Northeast Asia have been under long-term shutdown for maintenance in the recent period. Therefore, not only the overall domestic import source has been relatively reduced, but the overall foreign trade export enquiry atmosphere has also shown a trend. Good posture.

    "Affected by the positive atmosphere of normal shipments and downstream acceptance during domestic holidays, tight supply of methyl methacrylate raw materials and high market prices, as well as the overhaul of methyl methacrylate equipment in Northeast Asia, and the successive reduction in import volume, the three factors have been positive. The overall social inventory of methyl methacrylate in my country has recently maintained a normal low level." Weng Yini said.

     Suspense 2: Is the price increase of my country's methyl methacrylate market a "short-lived" or "long-lasting"? In the near future, the overall social inventory of methyl methacrylate in my country has remained normally low, and the overall market demand has maintained a positive and positive trend. The overall market of methyl methacrylate may continue its upward trend. "my country’s newly-built methyl methacrylate production capacity has a certain supplementary effect on some areas, but it cannot cause a strong impact on the overall domestic market in a short time. Therefore, the overall market of my country’s methyl methacrylate may continue to maintain a high level in October. The market price is going up and running." Weng Yini said.

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