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    Flowgard Coating Systems for Ceilings and Walls

    FacilityExecutive 2017-05-12

    Flowgard from Flowcrete Americas is a line of high-performance coatings for use on ceilings and walls. The range incorporates three abrasion and scratch resistant, non-porous epoxy coating systems, which offer the ability to integrate fiberglass matting for additional strength, durability, and resistance in more arduous industrial environments.

    Flowgard coatings ensure a hygienic surface that integrates with both floor and coving mortars, to seal all interior surfaces within the facility. They provide resistance in the face of chemical attack and spillage—from corrosive solvents, bodily fluids, or commonly used foodstuffs.

    The seamless, UV resistant, and color stable finish of Flowgard epoxy coating systems eliminate the cracks, crevices, and pores that are most commonly associated with the application of ceramic tiles. In these applications, damaged grout lines are known for harboring dirt and encouraging the growth of bacteria, fungi, and molds which can lead to an unsafe working environment as well as contamination of any produce within.

    Flowgard resists flaking, chipping, and cracking and is available in a range of sober solid color shades. The coating systems can be sterilized through hot water hose downs or using specialist cleaners and disinfectants without damaging the structural make-up of the coating. Wiping down the surface using hot water and a soft sponge can clean away any stains or contaminants.

    Flowgard WW (6-8 mils) is part of the Flowgard line and is a pigmented, water-based epoxy resin coating. Vapor permeable per ASTM E 96, it is fully breathable and can be installed onto damp substrates or green concrete. This seamless, non-porous coating does not support microbial or fungal growth and offers temperature resistance up to 140°F in continuous exposures and up to 160°F for intermittent spills. It is available in Beige, Light Gray, Medium Gray, and White and can be mixed and applied using a roller on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

    Flowgard is suitable for use in various industrial and institutional facilities. These include food and beverage processing plants, pharmaceutical buildings, commercial laundries, correctional institutions, and animal care sites.

    In facilities or working areas where accidental impact or scratching may occur, fiberglass matting can be incorporated into the system to offer additional impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance where needed.

    All Flowgard systems complement Flowcrete Americas’ range of industrial epoxy and cementitious urethane flooring solutions, working in tandem to ensure a hygienic and impenetrable seal throughout interiors.

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