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Work stoppage limit line​! Double typhoons landed + heavy precipitation, floods spread and caused factory explosion!

Echemi 2021-07-21

The typhoon is here again!

This year's typhoon went straight to level 15!

How many residents' lives and factory production will be affected?

Red warning! The typhoon jumped three times in a row, and many places stopped work and production!

On July 19, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Emergency Management launched a grade IV emergency response for wind protection.

On July 20, the wind force at the center of Typhoon No. 7 "Chapaca" continued to escalate, and the province launched a third-level emergency response to wind protection!

According to Guangdong weather forecasts, there will be 6-7 strong winds along the central and western coasts of Guangdong, the eastern and southern coasts of Hainan Island, among which the coastal winds of Jiangmen and Yangjiang in Guangdong will be between 8-10. Level 11-13, gusts can reach level 14-15.

In addition, the No. 6 typhoon "fireworks" is also gradually approaching the waters of Zhejiang and Fujian, double typhoons swept through, or a large number of factories have ceased production!

Due to the impact of the typhoon, the western region of Guangdong issued a red warning signal, the suspension of classes, the suspension of work, and the suspension of work in Guangzhou, Foshan and other places; Wenzhou, Zhejiang issued a level IV warning against typhoon, requiring ships in the jurisdiction to implement anti-typhoon measures. Passenger ferry vessels and wading projects will be suspended or suspended depending on the situation. At present, all 11 hydraulic projects have been suspended.


Heavy rain washed away! The Henan factory exploded and roads were closed in some areas!

Guangdong was hit by a typhoon, and Henan was hit by heavy rain!

According to the Henan Meteorological Bureau, the whole province of Henan was in a state of heavy rainfall on July 17-20. The Henan Provincial Water Resources Department upgraded the emergency response to flood and drought disaster prevention to Level II on July 20, and 11 flood prevention teams entered a wartime state.

Accidents in some areas affected by heavy rain led to emergency road closures! Among them, landslides and mudslides occurred in Jiaozuo. At present, Jiaozuo, Henan has implemented north-south traffic control.

In addition, due to heavy rainfall, the river water level soared, and the flood spread to Henan Dengfeng Dengdian Group Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd., which caused water to enter the factory area and caused an explosion of the high-temperature solution in the alloy tank in the factory area! Fortunately, the timely evacuation has not caused any casualties. Now Henan has carried out a large-scale inspection and rectification of safety production during the flood season. The factory must deal with the flood and also do a good job in the investigation. It can be described as a big Yali mountain!

Do a good job in flood prevention! Stock up rationally!

July is coming to an end. Recently, the number of overhaul factories has increased, and many downstream manufacturers have stocked Jinjiuyinshi ahead of time. The market is very optimistic.

With the increase in severe weather, it is expected that the chemical industry will be restricted in production and transportation in the short term, and there is still room for price increases. Mr. Guanghua hereby appeals to everyone to do a good job in safety and flood prevention and stock up rationally! Avoid accidents or losses due to bad weather.

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