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Titanium dioxide starts the eighth round of price increases during the year

Echemi 2021-10-12

On September 1, Panzhihua Tianlun Chemical Co., Ltd. took the lead in issuing a price increase letter in the entire industry, stating that the company decided to use TLA anatase and TLR rutile preliminary products (powder ) For titanium dioxide, the domestic price will be raised by 800 yuan/ton, and the foreign trade price will be raised by US$150/ton. On September 13, Longbai Group Co., Ltd., the backbone of titanium dioxide, announced that from now on, the sales price of various types of titanium dioxide (including sulfuric acid method titanium dioxide and chloride method titanium dioxide) will be increased to various customers of domestic enterprises on the basis of the original price. 700 yuan/ton. Subsequently, companies have successively issued price increase letters. As of the morning of September 28, Guangdong Huiyun Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Dawn Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Dongjia Group and other domestic and foreign titanium dioxide manufacturers have announced In the "Golden Nine and Silver Ten", the market price of titanium dioxide products increased. Domestic users increased by 800-1000 yuan/ton, and foreign users increased by about 150-200 US dollars/ton, which opened the eighth round of price increases in the titanium dioxide industry this year.


It is reported that industry insiders pointed out that since the first ten days of September, the titanium dioxide price market has mainly maintained a firm operation. This critical period of price trend seems to be relatively calm. Only a few domestic and foreign manufacturers such as Titanium Sea and Tenuo announced that they have risen by 1,000 yuan/ton and 200 US dollars/ton. Yang Xun, an analyst at Yantai Titanium Industry, said that since the end of August, the price increase function has not been much, and it is mainly concentrated in the anatase market, and the rutile market is not very directional. The increase in anatase was mainly due to severe power cuts in areas with high concentration of anatase producers, such as Guangxi, and no exact recovery time. Affected by this, the operating rate of anatase manufacturers declined and the stock supply of anatase titanium dioxide was tight. Intensified, the price of anatase titanium dioxide across the country has risen to varying degrees. Yang Xun believes that the peak season is ahead, and the wave of price increases in August shows that the speed of shipments of various holders has accelerated, and more orders are generally received. So far, some manufacturers still have obvious orders for shipments. However, this overdrafted part of the demand in September to a certain extent, and the demand in October will also be overdrawn in September to promote the effect of shifting the library.


Up to now, the downstream demand situation is still not as good as the peak season expectations, mainly because the demand was overdrawn in advance in August, and the market outlook is vulnerable to risks. However, the spot supply of anatase is still relatively tight, and the price advantage is getting smaller and smaller, and the price gap with rutile is continuously narrowing. Mainly due to severe restrictions on industrial power consumption in heavy production areas, and the scope of affected areas and products are increasing, the operating rates of manufacturers in South China, East China and other regions continue to decline. In the long run, the rutile type will decline with the decline in the supply of anatase.


In recent years, the supply side has mostly adjusted prices according to its own orders, inventory and other perspectives, not necessarily in combination with demand pricing. In fact, the price market in recent years has been so strong, so it still has a strong hold on the market outlook. The basis for profitability, after all, customers who just need it still have to use the goods, and the demand still exists.


At present, the mainstream quotations of most sulfuric acid rutile and anatase titanium dioxides in China are 19,800 to 21,500 yuan/ton and 18,500 to 19,500 yuan/ton. Domestic and imported chlorinated rutile titanium dioxides are differentiated by use. The price ranges from 22,500 to 24,000 yuan per ton and 29,000 to 31,000 yuan per ton (the above are all tax-included cash outbound prices).


Yang Xun pointed out that the current domestic titanium dioxide price market remains strong, the peak season is advanced, more orders were received in August, and shipments were fast, which overdrafted demand in September to a certain extent. Even so, holders remained highly efficient in early September. With the pace of delivery, manufacturers are still ordering delivery. According to empirical judgment, the overdraft demand in dislocation time and space is only a shift effect of elastic demand. The "Golden Nine" may maintain a strong atmosphere, and the "Silver Ten" will be judged after its performance.


The "Golden Nine" peak season has entered the second half of the month. This round of price increases lasted for nearly a month from the beginning of the month to the end of the month, covering almost all crystal types, and each manufacturer has increased to varying degrees. Although the demand in the peak season is not as good as expected, it is not bad. The rigid demand in the terminal market still exists. On the supply side, there is still a possibility of continued growth. Industry insiders believe that in the short term, manufacturers’ firm sentiment is still quite strong, and spot prices such as anatase are still relatively tight, and terminal prices are rising, mainly high and firm. The actual order prices are based on the form of order, quantity, and payment. A single discussion.

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