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Hyaluronic acid is widely used downstream, and the industry has achieved rapid growth

ECHEMI 2021-10-29


Hyaluronic acid is an important part of the human body and has a wide range of downstream applications, including medicine, cosmetics and food. China's hyaluronic acid industry has maintained a good growth rate, and Chinese companies have a relatively high market share.


From the perspective of sub-categories, China's hyaluronic acid market in the field of medical beauty and cosmetics has achieved rapid growth. The further expansion of the scope of use will usher in new development opportunities for the industry, which is expected to further promote the rapid growth of China's hyaluronic acid market.


Driven by the economy of appearance, the application of light medical beauty and cosmetics has achieved rapid development. In cosmetics, hyaluronic acid has multiple functions such as moisturizing, nutrition, anti-aging, repairing, and anti-inflammatory. It is used as a functional cosmetic raw material and used in cosmetics. Extensive, in recent years, the scale of the hyaluronic acid cosmetics market in China and the world has achieved rapid growth.


However, the domestic market for hyaluronic acid cosmetics is still dominated by international cosmetics brands, and the degree of localization is relatively low. It is expected that with the rise of the national tide, consumers' preference for domestic brands will continue to increase, which will further promote the increase in the market share of domestic hyaluronic acid cosmetics in China.


In terms of medical aesthetics applications, hyaluronic acid injections can play a variety of functions such as shaping and filling, wrinkle removal and moisturizing. Driven by the economics of beauty and self-pleasure consumption, China's medical aesthetics market has achieved rapid development. Hyaluronic acid will be used in medical aesthetics in the future. Great development potential.


  Oral hyaluronic acid has multiple effects. Long-term continuous consumption can effectively alleviate skin aging, joint function degradation, eye aging and many other problems. The development of hyaluronic acid foods abroad started earlier. At present, health foods and foods containing hyaluronic acid are widely used abroad.


In January 2021, China approved hyaluronic acid to expand the scope of use. And other leading companies in the hyaluronic acid industry have begun to deploy. Under the co-catalysis of the beauty economy and the aging population, the domestic hyaluronic acid food market may usher in rapid growth. According to estimates, the scale of China's hyaluronic acid food terminal market is expected to reach 15.137 billion yuan in the long term.


Investment Strategy

The hyaluronic acid market in the fields of medical beauty, cosmetics and food in China has achieved rapid development. It is expected that the market size of hyaluronic acid terminal products will maintain a relatively good growth rate driven by the appearance economy and the consumption of pleasure. It is recommended to focus on the layout of the entire industry chain The head company, related subject matter:

      1) Huaxi Bio: The world's largest manufacturer of hyaluronic acid raw materials, and the layout of the entire industry chain of terminal products medicine, medical beauty, cosmetics, and food;

2) Lushang Development: The industry's leading raw material manufacturer, and the scale of production capacity continues to increase. And actively deepen the application of hyaluronic acid in the cosmetics field; 



3) Amic: the leading domestic company in the field of hyaluronic acid in the field of medical beauty, and the original hi-body product line to escort the company;

4) Hao Haisheng Branch: the leader in the field of hyaluronic acid in the field of medicine Department of enterprises, ophthalmology and orthopedics have maintained steady growth, and the third-generation hyaluronic acid injection has opened up new space for the company’s performance growth.

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