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Raw Materials Plummet! Paint Prices Have Skyrocketed by 30%!

Echemi 2021-11-18

It is understood that the recent decline in prices in the chemical industry and the decline in the market are not uncommon. The prices of epoxy resin and polyester resin industry chains, as well as butadiene, TGIC and other chemical products have all declined, and the intensity is relatively large, generally at 1,000 yuan. /Ton, the refrigerant R134a has dropped by 3,500 yuan/ton.


The lower prices in the industry chain are mainly due to the general market situation of downstream coating companies and weak purchasing enthusiasm. It is expected that the polyester resin industry chain will continue to decline slightly in the short term.


On November 15, Wanhua Chemical released the latest quotation, in which the prices of chemical products such as neopentyl glycol, propylene oxide, methanol, and n-butanol fell. The price of Wanhua Chemical’s propylene oxide dropped by RMB 900/ton to RMB 16,000/ton from the beginning of last week; the price of methanol dropped by RMB 200/ton to RMB 2,700/ton from the beginning of last week; the price of n-butanol in North China was lower than the beginning of last week From 500 yuan/ton to 9,800 yuan/ton; the price of neopentyl glycol in North China dropped from 800 yuan/ton to 18,400 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of last week... And compared with the price at the beginning of the month, propylene oxide The price of acrylic acid fell by RMB 1,000/ton, and the price of acrylic acid was RMB 2,000/ton.



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Although the prices of raw materials have begun to fall, compared with the continuous increase this year, the cost pressure of coating companies is still huge, which has created a tight cash flow for companies, and the price increase of coating companies is also compelling.


Oriental Yuhong

Recently, the prices of various raw materials, such as emulsions, curing agents, and modifiers, have continued to rise sharply. Therefore, after research by Yuhong Company, the second price increase of ceramics was determined at 0:00 on November 16.

The price of the whole series of products such as waterproof and auxiliary materials is also rising, with an increase of about 10%~15%. For the specific price after the price increase, please contact the person in charge of the district.



Starting from November 15, 2021, the price of all products will increase by more than 10%. The specific price is subject to the product price list.


Saint-Gobain (China)

Starting November 15, 2021

Jayco retail powder category: 10%-30%;

Weber Retail: CTA is 10%-15%; increase the waterproof by 5%-10%.

Weber Engineering: CTA is 10%-15%; the floor is increased by 5%-10%.


Three trees

Starting from November 16, 2021, the price of white glue products has increased by 10%-15%. In addition, due to abnormal fluctuations in raw material prices, Sankeshu Group has the right to immediately suspend orders and price adjustments.


Le Yizhuang

Starting from November 16, 2021, the prices of all latex paint and wood paint products of China Resources and Valspar will increase by 6%-10%.


As prices rise, dealers are facing increasing pressure to survive. Many people who have been engaged in the coatings industry for 20 to 30 years say that there has never been such a big price increase.


Many top brands have just risen several times in September, and have risen several times in October, with an increase of 45%, and some accessories have risen by 120%.


For many distributors, the price of paint is rising every day. If you grab products from suppliers to stock up, your own financial pressure will be too great. But don't grab it, get the goods when necessary, and the supplier has no goods, which is very difficult. At the same time, with the increasing pressure from upstream to downstream to release price increases, store rents and labor costs are rising year by year, and operating pressure is increasing.


Due to rising raw material costs and disruptions in the supply chain, it seems only a matter of time before the price of coatings rises further. Akzo Nobel said that due to high costs and shortages of additives, petrochemical products, and packaging materials, the price of coating products will rise by 9% in 2021 and will rise by 14% to 15% by the end of the year. This trend will continue until the middle of 2022, and prices will rise further early next year, and the increase is likely to reach the mid-point.

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