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National Energy Yulin Chemical's 400,000 tons/year ethylene glycol project was successfully put into operation

Echemi 2021-11-23

At 10:00 on November 21, the 400,000-ton/year ethylene glycol project of National Energy Group Yulin Chemical completed the entire process at one time and successfully produced qualified ethylene glycol products.


It is reported that the project adopts the national energy group's independent technology, and is independently designed and constructed by the national energy group, and the equipment is all domestically produced. The core device of 100,000 tons/year carbonylation reactor is the largest ethylene glycol carbonyl in operation in China. Chemical reactor. The project started construction in July 2018, and completed delivery in June 2021. Dinitrogen tetroxide was introduced on November 16, and it took 108 hours to produce qualified ethylene glycol products. The smooth commissioning of this project has laid the foundation for the next conversion to polyglycolic acid degradable plastics, and has important demonstration significance and positive impact on promoting the national coal chemical industry's transformation and development to "high-end, diversified, and low-carbon".


Different from the traditional coal-to-ethylene glycol project, Guoneng Yulin Chemical is actively exploring a new mode of integrated operation of coal and chemical industry, giving full play to the advantages of large-scale investment and intensive layout. It is deeply coupled with the 1.8 million tons/year coal-to-methanol project that has been completed and put into production and the world's first 50,000 tons/year polyglycolic acid degradable material demonstration project under construction. It is realized by relying on the surplus synthesis gas and public works of the coal-to-methanol project Co-production, and recycling the tail gas discharged from the ethylene glycol plant as the raw material of the coal-to-methanol project, realizes the recycling and clean utilization of coal, and significantly improves the economic and environmental benefits. Compared with the coal-to-ethylene glycol plant of the same scale, the investment cost is reduced by about 30%, and the complete product cost is reduced by about 20%. At the same time, in order to further extend the industrial chain and enhance the value chain, the company uses dimethyl oxalate, the intermediate product of the ethylene glycol project, as a raw material to produce polyglycolic acid degradable plastics. Compared with the production of traditional plastics, polyglycolic acid degradable plastics produce tons of raw materials. Coal consumption can be reduced by about 50%, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by about 65%, and industrial added value can be increased by 2-3 times.


In the future, National Energy Yulin Chemical Industry will follow the national “14th Five-Year Plan” China Coal-to-Oil and Gas Strategic Base layout, realize “chain extension” through deep processing of products, realize “chain replenishment” by coupling with new energy, and focus on the development of coal-based special fuels and coal. Based on biodegradable materials to achieve a "strong chain", effectively guarantee national energy security, promote the transformation and upgrading of the coal chemical industry to "high-end, diversified, and low-carbon", and strive to take the lead in creating a new technology, low energy consumption, and good efficiency in the country. An internationally competitive green and low-carbon transitional development path.

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