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    PPG Launches New Architectural Powder Coatings Guide

    Chemical Today News 2017-08-08

    PPG Industries Inc (PPG) said that its coil and building products business has published the architectural powder coatings colour guide, a six-page brochure featuring 60 commonly specified Coraflon powder coatings colours.

    The booklet is organized into three sections: 30 solid colours, 21 Coraflon Sunstorm mica colours and nine specialty colours, including textured, multi-colour and anodic-look samples.

    PPG Launches New Architectural Powder Coatings Guide

    Among the solid colours displayed in the guide are bone white, sandstone and brick red. Coraflon Sunstorm mica colours range from platinum and champagne gold to pewter and graphite grey. Specialty colours include terra cotta dark (textured), orange speckle (multi-colon) and bronze (anodic look). Also included are three colour chips depicting high, medium and low gloss levels.

    Coraflon powder coatings are formulated to provide exceptional ultraviolet (UV) durability, colourfastness and gloss retention. They can adhere to metal as a one-coat paint system or a two-coat paint system with a primer for harsh environments.

    The guide provides a reference chart that lists all four PPG architectural powder coatings brands—Duranar, Coraflon, Envirocron 04 and Envirocron 03 coatings. Included are their American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) specification, resin quality, coating layer requirements, seacoast warranty coverage and appearance characteristics. Also featured are descriptions of these product lines, including typical applications, and information about PPG’s global colour and styling services.

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