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    China's imitation stone painting industry ranks first in the world

    Echemi 2020-07-14

    Stone-like coating, also known as liquid stone, stone-like paint, is generally used to imitate the effect of exterior stone. Its rich stone-like coating has a natural and natural color. It is a member of architectural coatings, mainly for building exterior walls. High-efficiency simulation applications. The following is an analysis of the current status of the stone-like coating industry through some data and situations at home and abroad.

    According to data from the World Paint and Coatings Industry Association (WPCIA), in addition to 2015, the overall growth trend of the global coatings market from 2012 to 2019. In 2019, the global coatings market sales were US$172.8 billion, a year-on-year increase of 4.8%. Architectural coatings performance is still strong, accounting for 53% of the global market share of 91.6 billion US dollars, equivalent to about 639.6 billion yuan, its development is mainly due to the development and application of a variety of innovative preparation process technology has significantly promoted consumer demand.

    In 2019, the coatings sales market in the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 57% of the world. China is the main coatings consumption market in the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for about two-thirds of the consumption in the region. .

    Among them, although the outer wall coating area is smaller than the inner wall, but the additional output value is high, so the sales of the outer wall coating market accounted for more than 50% of it to 121.5 billion yuan.

    "2019-2024 China Imitation Stone Coatings Market Prospect Research and Development Prospect Forecast Report" stated that statistics show that the sales revenue of imitation stone coatings increased as the demand for downstream industries continued to expand. In 2014, China's imitation stone coatings revenue was 5.505 billion yuan In 2018, the sales revenue of China's imitation stone coating industry reached 8.9 billion yuan. According to the calculation of 10%-15% growth rate of imitation stone coatings, the sales of China's imitation stone coatings market has exceeded 10 billion in 2019. With the rapid growth of China's imitation stone coatings consumption market, its market development scale ranks first in the world.

    From a production point of view, my country's stone-like coatings industry is clearly regional. From a geographical perspective, it is mainly concentrated in provinces such as Fujian and Guangdong. According to the survey, in 2018, the regional distribution of enterprises in China's imitation stone coating industry was in the region. East China and South China are the main areas of concentration, with East China accounting for 39.43% and South China accounting for 19.16%.

    The high-performance, high-efficiency and high-value-added imitation stone coating products currently used in my country are missing. Domestic scientific research institutions and production enterprises generally track and imitate along foreign mature varieties and routes. Their independent development capabilities, especially original innovation capabilities, are seriously inadequate.

    As a member of architectural coatings, imitation stone coatings are mainly used in real estate and rural construction. Among them, real estate is greatly affected by macroeconomic fluctuations. If the macroeconomic decline, real estate production companies will have reduced orders, slower payment recovery, and even capital Problems such as chain breaks have caused a certain degree of impact on the production and operation of enterprises.

    Upstream industry supply-side structural reforms (compressed output and production capacity) and environmental supervision (actually compressed output), raw material prices rose. However, due to the reduction in the construction area of real estate completed and the fierce competition in the architectural coatings industry, it has been difficult for architectural coatings companies to pass on the increased costs to consumers, which has led to a decline in profits.

    At present, the concentration of my country's coatings market is very low. Driven by consumption upgrades, my country's coatings industry has entered a stage of integrated development, and its market share is gradually concentrated to companies with brand advantages. In addition, as consumers' branded consumption trends become more and more obvious, small and medium-sized coating companies have been gradually eliminated by the market due to adverse factors such as insufficient channels, low brand awareness, and insufficient investment in product research and development.

    At present, the concentration of imitation stone coating companies is low, the market is chaotic, and there is no obvious ladder. The vast majority are small, local, and scattered enterprises. Due to their small production scale, poor technical quality, low management level, high production costs, and low productivity, the enterprises have poor direct economic benefits and weak development foundations. The above is the basic status quo of my country's imitation stone coating industry.

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