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    Brazil's monthly ethanol production hits new high

    Echemi 2020-07-13

    According to data released by the Brazilian National Petroleum Agency (ANP), Brazil’s ethanol production reached a record high in May due to a record sugarcane harvest and a rebound in biodiesel production from the low point of the Covid-19 epidemic.

    ANP said that in May, Brazil's sugar factory ethanol production reached 8.46 billion liters, more than double the same period last year. This is the highest output of ANP since its establishment in 2000. The production of absolute ethanol in May was 10.08 liters, a year-on-year decline of 13.7%. The production of absolute ethanol in May increased by 74.8% compared with April.


    At the same time, Brazil's biodiesel production in May has begun to rebound. Brazil plans to increase the use of biodiesel to 15% by March 2023, an increase of 1% per year. The Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries(Abiove) estimates that Brazil’s biodiesel production will be about 7 billion liters this year, while the Brazilian Biodiesel Producers Association (Ubrabio) is expected to grow to 6.9 billion liters, but these predictions are made before the outbreak of the crona virus.

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