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100% natural source! BASF promotes new formula for washing and protecting

ECHEMI 2020-08-31

BASF has launched a product with a stable washing and care formula, 100% natural raw material Lamesoft® Balance.

As a natural ingredient in the surfactant system, this product can stabilize the wax-based sunscreen in the wash formulation and has excellent stability even in the low viscosity formulation. The product can also impart uniform rheological properties to the formulation.

Lamesoft® Balance consists of hydrogenated castor oil and APG® (alkyl glycosides), which can be cold processed and easily formulated. It can prevent the aggregation of particles and reduce the sedimentation speed of the wax dispersion in the surfactant system. It is especially suitable for systems that can thicken micelles. The opacifying wax dispersant can give the formula an emulsion-like white appearance, which has significant skin care and hair care advantages.

Dr. Hans-Martin Haake, Head of Market Development for Hair, Body, and Oral Care at BASF’s Personal Care Business Unit, said: “It is often very challenging to stabilize microwax dispersions in care formulations. Now, BASF Lamesoft® Balance offers a Easily biodegradable solutions help skin and hair care product manufacturers to keep their care formulations stable without using synthetic polymers. The product is also suitable for alternative surfactant formulations."

Performance and sensory tests show that Lamesoft® Balance enhances the foaming performance of shower gel formulations and provides a good skin touch. In shampoo formulations containing cationic conditioners, Lamesoft® Balance has been proven to significantly improve hair conditioning effects.

Lamesoft® Balance meets the relevant requirements of EU Ecolabel, Nordic Ecolabel and Bra Milj?val, and is suitable for natural cosmetic formulations that meet COSMOS and NATRUE standards.

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