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    Exclusive original! Anisodamine hydrobromide tablets

    Echemi 2021-01-07

    A few days ago, industry news showed that the exclusive drug anisodamine hydrobromide tablets developed by Chengdu First Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Chengyi Pharmaceutical) will be approved for marketing in 2021, focusing on the target market areas for dizziness, antispasmodic and pain relief.


    China's original chemical drugs are launched this year, focusing on the field of vertigo drugs


    Public information shows that anisodamine hydrobromide was developed by the Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. It is extracted from the Solanaceae plant Anisodus tanguticus and is an original Chinese drug after artemisinin. It has obvious peripheral anticholinergic effect (relaxation of smooth muscles, relief of microvascular spasm), similar to atropine, but has the advantages of higher peripheral selectivity and lower side effects. It is the 2018 version of the national basic drug, the 2020 version of the medical insurance category A (national shortage of drugs), emergency rescue and critical illness drugs, and has a unique "vertigo" indication.


    The anti-vertigo drug market has huge potential, rising 25.66% against the trend


    Public information shows that vertigo is a movement or positional illusion caused by the body's spatial positioning disorder. According to the location of the disease, it is divided into peripheral vertigo and central vertigo.


    Anti-vertigo drugs can eliminate dizziness, promote the establishment of a new sensory balance in the brain, reduce nausea, vomiting, anxiety, etc., and can be used clinically for peripheral vertigo: otolithiasis, Meniere's disease, sudden deafness; central Vertigo: Post-circulatory ischemia, vertigo after cerebral infarction, etc., patients are distributed in neurology, emergency, otolaryngology, cardiology, geriatrics, rehabilitation, etc. Epidemiological data shows that this market segment continues to expand.

    According to data from Mi, in recent years, the market for terminal vertigo drugs (chemical drugs + proprietary Chinese medicines) in China’s urban public hospitals, county-level public hospitals, urban community centers, and township health centers (Chinese public medical institutions) has continued to expand, with growth rates maintained. In double digits, sales revenue was 2.681 billion yuan in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 17.58%. In 2020H1, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, sales of many drug categories have declined, but anti-vertigo drugs are still rising against the trend, with a growth rate of more than 25%, which shows that this field has market potential for steady growth.


    Anisodamine hydrobromide injection, sales growth reached 280%


    In recent years, anisodamine hydrobromide has sprung up, and its market share has increased year by year, breaking the market structure of the anti-vertigo drug betahistine, which is the “one product” market. Among them, anisodamine hydrobromide injection has a compound growth rate of 280% in 4 years.


    According to the company, anisodamine hydrobromide injection will achieve sales of more than 300 million yuan in the national market in 2020, and there is still huge room for growth in the future.

    "2017 Multidisciplinary Expert Consensus on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vertigo", "2020 Dizziness/Dizziness Primary Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines (Practical Edition 2019)", "2017 Meniere's Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines" and other guidelines show that commonly used drugs for the treatment of vertigo include antihistamines , Anticholinergic agents and benzodiazepines, etc.


    Tablets are on the market, a powerful impact on the market for oral preparations of vertigo drugs


    Anisodamine hydrobromide tablets exclusively produced by Chengdu No.1 Pharmaceutical will go on sale in 2021, and will be approved for indications "to relieve smooth muscle spasm, vertigo, microcirculation disorders and organophosphorus pesticide poisoning."


    In 2019, the market size of oral drugs for terminal vertigo in China's public medical institutions exceeded 1.1 billion yuan. A variety of guidelines for anisodamine hydrobromide tablets were added, and both basic drugs and medical insurance category A characteristics were added to the existing anisodamine hydrobromide. The injection market will form a beneficial supplement.


    Anisodamine hydrobromide tablets are also suitable for urinary calculi, cholecystitis, gastrointestinal inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, endoscopy and other diseases, with huge market opportunities and potential.

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