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    Hainan will build phenol/acetone/bisphenol A/PC equipment

    Echemi 2021-01-27

    Recently, at the Huasheng Polycarbonate Project Promotion Conference, Zhang Yuhui, Deputy Mayor of Dongfang City, Hainan Province, said that the Huasheng Polycarbonate Project is a provincial key project and a high-tech material project introduced by Dongfang City, filling the Hainan high-tech material industry. blank. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will further consolidate the foundation of the Oriental Lingang Industrial Park and promote the accelerated development of the Oriental economy and society.


    Dongfang Lingang Industrial Park is to the west expressway in the east, to the north of Tongtian River in the south, the seaside in the west, and Basuo Port in the north. The total planned area is 39.38 square kilometers, and the planned construction land area is 15.76 square kilometers. Hainan Huasheng Group has introduced the world’s most advanced technology, built the world’s largest single PC device in the park, and produced green, environmentally friendly, low-carbon advanced PC products, extending the industry chain of new petrochemical materials in our province and in line with Hainan’s industry Direction of development.


    The raw materials for this project are urea, methanol, oil and gas and acrylonitrile directly supplied by petrochemical companies in the Oriental Lingang Industrial Park. Raw water, steam, and natural gas can be obtained from the park's power plants, water plants and the park's petrochemical enterprises. By-products such as liquid ammonia and hydrogen in the second phase of the project are directly supplied to other enterprises in the park to realize resource recycling and sharing.


    "After the project is completed, it is equivalent to rebuilding an Oriental Lingang Industrial Park." said Meng Yong, director of the Dongfang City Engineering, Science and Information Bureau. Hainan Huasheng Group will adhere to the integrated development route of industrial supporting coordination and green high-end products, and plans to complete an investment of 17.5 billion yuan.


    The high-standard construction content of the project includes: using the park’s own urea and methanol as raw materials, constructing two sets of 100,000 tons/year DMC devices and two sets of 220,000 tons/year DPC devices; using propane as raw materials, constructing a set of 600,000 tons Tons/year propane dehydrogenation unit, one set of 400,000 tons/year phenol/acetone device, one set of 400,000 tons/year polypropylene device, two sets of 240,000 tons/year bisphenol A device and two sets of 260,000 tons /Year PC equipment, and plan PC modification to the downstream industry to form a capacity scale of 100,000 tons/year PC alloy.


    The total investment of the two phases of the project is 17.5 billion yuan, which will form an annual output value of 20 billion yuan, attract more than 1,000 highly educated talents from inside and outside the island, and create more than 3,000 job opportunities, which is equivalent to rebuilding an Oriental Lingang Industrial Park.


    The construction of the project directly promotes the extension of the industrial chain of the Oriental Lingang Industrial Park to the downstream, which lays a solid foundation for the industrial park to build a complete industrial chain of methanol, polycarbonate, and acrylonitrile, and to build the Oriental Lingang Industrial Park into a 100 billion industrial park. It is understood that the Oriental Lingang Industrial Park will further improve related facilities, focus on building, replenishing, and strengthening the chain, and accelerate the construction of a resource-sharing, competitive, industrial supporting, and green high-end industrial park.

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