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    Global raw material supply shortages surge in PP exports in March

    Echemi 2021-04-28

    In March, the domestic PP export market quietly rose, and the arbitrage space was opened up. According to customs statistics, PP exports in the month amounted to approximately 257,100 tons, an increase of 211.9 million tons from the previous month, an increase of 468.81%, and an increase of 182,600 tons, an increase of 245.10% year-on-year. Among them, the export volume of primary form polypropylene (tariff number: 39021000) was 244,500 tons, an increase of 203,600 tons from the previous month, an increase of 497.80%, and a significant increase of 178,500 tons, an increase of 270.45% from the same period last year. The export volume of ethylene-propylene polymer (tariff number: 39023010) was about 10,000 tons, an increase of 177.78% month-on-month and 35.14% year-on-year. The export volume of other primary forms of propylene copolymers (Tax Code: 39023090) was about 2600 tons, an increase of 271.43% from the previous month and an increase of 136.36% from the same period last year.


    1. Main exporting countries or regions

    The main export direction of our country is still Southeast Asia. As most of the devices in this region will enter the centralized inspection and repair, this provides trade space for China's PP export market. In particular, India has 30% of the devices shut down for inspection and repair, and the influx of PP orders makes India in March Squeeze out Vietnam and become the country with the largest export volume of PP, a total of 44,200 tons, accounting for 17.19%; Turkey and Vietnam ranked second and third, with exports of 36,200 tons and 32,800 tons, accounting for 14.07% And 12.76%.


    2, export trade method

    In March, general trade was still the most important mode of trade in my country’s export PP, accounting for about 231,500 tons, accounting for 90.02%, followed by logistics goods and imported materials processing trade in special customs supervision areas, accounting for 4.7. % And 2.23%.

    It is reported that many PP parking devices in North America and the Middle East will be restarted one after another, but the real overhaul in Southeast Asia will be in late April. Therefore, for my country’s PP export market, the total export volume in April is still worth looking forward to.

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