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Trends in cosmetic raw materials: customization/preservative-free/overseas introduction

Echemi 2021-05-26

With the development of the times and changes in the market, cosmetic raw materials are also ushering in new changes and presenting new trends. Catering to the trend and starting from raw materials to create higher-quality products is the key to today's cosmetic brands breaking through the competitive dilemma.

So, at present, what are the more obvious trends of Chinese cosmetics raw materials?

Customized raw materials

In order to build a solid barrier to competition, cosmetics brands must have their own originality, and the best originality is often reflected in the raw materials of the product. After all, raw material technology is the most difficult to steal. Therefore, many cosmetics brands have begun to cooperate in-depth with major raw material manufacturers to jointly create customized raw materials to differentiate them from other brands.

For example, some time ago, Proya launched a strategic cooperation with BASF of Germany to jointly develop exclusive ingredients with "Proya characteristics" and local market trends. Perfect Diary’s parent company, Yixian E-commerce, also has Senxin Technology to provide customized raw materials for it.

Customization of raw materials has become common practice, and cosmetic brands have become more and more original. This is an extremely good atmosphere for the entire cosmetics industry. In the past, domestic cosmetics brands liked to "plagiarize", but now, domestic cosmetics brands are slowly embarking on the path of "creation".

Preservative-free raw materials are favored

The health and safety of cosmetics is the most popular market demand today. Therefore, many cosmetic raw materials manufacturers have introduced preservative-free raw materials one after another. In fact, it is not easy to make raw materials without preservatives, especially for those natural plant materials, so the manufacture of raw materials without preservatives is a relatively advanced technical activity.

According to the reporter’s understanding, the active ingredients of some cosmetics have a certain antibacterial function, so they can assist the main raw materials to achieve quality preservation without preservatives, such as caprylic hydroxamic acid, p-hydroxyacetophenone, and octanoyl hydroxamic acid. Glycol, glyceryl caprylate and so on. Some preservative-free raw materials use pure biological fermentation technology to give the raw materials a strong quality-preserving ability during the production process.

More overseas mature raw materials are introduced into China

The implementation of the "Regulations on the Administration of the Registration and Filing of New Cosmetic Materials" has made the registration of new domestic cosmetics materials more difficult. Under the new regulations, when applying for registration of new cosmetic raw materials, especially those with high biological activity, not only 12 items of toxicological test materials must be submitted, but also various evaluation reports such as transdermal tests and toxic-free tests must be submitted. The cost and cycle of the entire process are higher than before.

The new regulations also clearly stated that if the raw materials have been used overseas for more than three years, there is no need to provide project data such as teratogenicity tests and long-term human experiments. Therefore, many cosmetics raw material manufacturers and brand owners are based on this and introduce mature raw materials from overseas, which can save money and time.

It can be seen that in the future, there will be more and more mature cosmetic raw materials imported from abroad.

All in all, raw materials are directly related to the quality of products, and every cosmetic brand should have a thorough understanding of the development trend of raw materials.

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