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Potash fertilizer prices continue to rise!

Echemi 2021-07-22

Recently, domestic potassium chloride prices have continued to rise. In terms of domestic potash fertilizer, the production and delivery of the potassium chloride plant of Qinghai Salt Lake Group is normal. The 60% powder and crystal of the company's mainstream products are quoted at 2770 yuan (ton price, the same below), and the market sales price is mostly 4000-4050 yuan. However, some small factories are still under maintenance, and the available stock is limited.


In terms of imported potash fertilizer, the current port inventory is relatively stable. 62% white potassium is quoted at RMB 4,250 to RMB 4,300, an increase of RMB 100 to RMB 150 from the previous period. The 60% red potassium quotation at the port is about 3950 yuan, an increase of about 50 yuan from last week. Recently, border trade ports have fewer circulations and new orders, and there is a phenomenon of hoarding goods waiting to rise. The supply of goods available for sale is tight. Traders have not made clear offers, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is still strong. At present, the port price of 62% white potassium is 3850~4000 yuan, and the actual transaction is negotiated.


From a demand perspective, the current domestic potassium chloride fertilizer peak season has passed, and downstream demand is weak. Due to the reduction in domestic potash production and port dealers reluctant to sell it, industry insiders predict that the price of potassium chloride will remain firm in the future and the trend will continue to rise. However, downstream purchases are more cautious, and prices are mainly negotiated.


In the potassium sulfate market, domestic prices are currently rising. Due to the suspension of production and maintenance of Xinjiang SDIC Luopotash, this part of the supply is reduced. It is expected that the company will resume production in September. There is insufficient spot in the Qinghai salt system market, and the arrival price of 50% powder is about 4,000 yuan. Affected by raw materials, the operating rate of domestic processing Mannheim potassium sulfate continues to decrease, and the price rises slightly. The ex-factory price of 50% powder Mannheim potassium sulfate is around 4350 yuan, and the ex-factory price of 50% Mannheim potassium sulfate is around 4500 yuan. . The industry believes that with the rising spot price of raw material potassium chloride and the decline in the operating rate of enterprises, it is expected that the domestic potassium sulfate market will continue to rise.

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